2017/2018 Staff

Sydney Armstrong, 12, Copy Editor

I’ve always loved reading books and newspaper or magazine articles and that’s what sparked my interest in joining LT Media and doing journalism. I play lacrosse which is the love of my life and always will be! I stress over little things and due dates make me nervous. I’m claustrophobic and anything with more than four legs is not my friend. My family owns a food truck and all of us work on it. It’s a lot of work but the fun we get out of it is so worth it!

Caleb Atencio, 12, Photo/Broadcast Editor

Hello, I’m Caleb Atencio. I’m a Colorado native and love the outdoors. I love being around other people and having a good time. I do best when I’m helping other people and guiding them in the right direction. So basically doing newspaper is what I always wanted to do. So what’s up?

Henley Holland, 11, Design Editor

I have been born and raised in Colorado and am proud of it. I have a strong sense of patriotism and will watch any sport and support the good old American team. I am a sophomore this year, which means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things for high school. If you can’t tell, I have a rather unique sense of humor and I revel in my ability to maintain a very eccentric personality. On top of that, I am a total nerd with a 4.1 GPA, an affinity for riding horses (have several prestigious ribbons to show for it), and a knack for anything technological in nature. In my free time, if I am not writing or reading, I am designing websites, playing with Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro, paintballing, or even training horses or dogs. I am so thrilled to be joining newspaper this year and exploring my potential in journalism.

Caleb Stuart, 11, Copy Editor


Madi Armstrong, 11

Terrez Atencio, 11

Megan Barney, 10

Jon Boyd, 12

Emily Byrd, 9

Joe Ciardullo, 10

Zoe Cox, 10

Larissa Geilen, 10

Brittany Gleason, 12

Shaylee King, 11

Kyra Klay, 10

Hayden Koele, 10

Liam McDowell, 9

Grace Miller, 12

Lauren Penington, 10

Connor Rakers, 10

Emma Reese, 12

Emily Rodgers, 10


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