Skiing vs. Snowboarding

Snowsports at Legend By  Larissa Geilen, Grace Miller and Hannah Schlote   During the week, Legend students are working hard in the classroom, but when it comes to a weekend in Colorado they are out on the slopes. Out of Legend’s 2,108 students, 85 of them took a survey that showed 45.9% of them ski, 38.8% of them snowboard, and 15.3% do both. Most of Legend’s students have learned to ski or snowboard in the last five years, having been taught by their families. Skiing and snowboarding are very different in the sense that one is a wider board with … Continue reading Skiing vs. Snowboarding

The Road to Nationals

An Inside View on Preparing for Nationals By Terrez Atencio and Reilly Sullivan   With Nationals coming up in three weeks, the Varsity cheer team is working hard to prepare for the biggest competition of the year. Legend will be competing against teams from all across the nation in what will be a three stage competition. First though, they must make it through preliminaries to get to the semi-finals. Once they make it through semi-finals they can head to the finals. “I have never been to Nationals, but I am excited to see what will happen and [I’m] hoping we … Continue reading The Road to Nationals