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Take Two!

The second Wish Week assembly

By Shaylee King, Henley Holland, and Lauren Penington


What a week! From the spirit days, to the game stalls, to the after school activities, we’ve made a good Wish Week.

Kicking off Wish Week with a killer assembly, we dived headfirst into raising money for our amazing wish kid- Legend’s own Rebecca Tuska.

Monday had a mind of its own with crazy talent in the teacher talent show- with Yergert taking the win with his rocking guitar battle.

“It was so cool,” sophomore Ronak D’Souza said. “He definitely deserved to win.”

Others disagree. “I don’t think he deserved to win,” sophomore Jackie Martin said. “It definitely should have gone to Thornton- he was super creative and it was a lot cooler than Yergert’s act. He still did good, but Thornton should have won.”

Tuesday brought just as much excitement with the dodgeball tournament. “We lost every game” Martin said, “but it was still a cool experience and I’m glad we competed.”

Wednesday was a day full of love with Valentine’s day and the release of our school newspaper.

Thursday was the day- our second wish week assembly where we found we had raised almost $53,000, not quite what we raised last year, and the girls took the spirit point win.

Friday was a fun day for Wish Week. There was no school and we had a fundraiser going with SkyZone. “I went almost all day,” freshman Liz Reifsteck said.

Saturday was the final day for wish week, going out with a bang with the Wish Dance. “I’m so glad I went,” Reifsteck said. “It was really fun to go with my friends, even without a date.”

What a fun, action-packed week. Give it up for the Make a Wish Foundation.


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Wish Week Wrap Up

Legend wraps up Wish Week at the final assembly

By  Emily Byrd, Shaylee King, Henley Holland, and Lauren Penington


As Wish Week wrapped up at the second assembly, we took to the time to go over all that had happened over the week.

Congrats to the ladies for having the most spirit points and winning the famous Spirit Bear.  At the beginning of the assembly, according to Tina Stroman, boys got 2,385 spirit points while girls got 2,376, beating them by only nine points. However, girls won more points in the assembly, beating the boys and resuming their winning streak.

At the assembly, students got crazy as they found out how much they raised for our wish kid, Becca Tusca. In total, we had raised almost $53,000 and were able to grant her wish and possibly a few others. Teachers, students, and athletes came out to give speeches and perform dances in honor of Becca. Sports wrestling, girls swim and dive, girls and guys basketball, and unified all came out to show off their dance moves with several teachers and Becca as the judges.

Anatomy teacher Nick Miles gave a heart warming presentation during the assembly.

“[She is] an amazing young woman who I have had the pleasure of knowing. Legend’s heart beats for you Becca,” Miles said.


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Travel Trials and Tribulations

Tips for planning an international trip

By Emily Byrd and Lauren Penington


Traveling out of the country can be both exciting and worrying. Exhilarating because you get the opportunity to experience a new culture and some of the world’s wonders, but also nail-biting as you face the inescapable stress of planning.

After you’ve booked your flight and hotel room, it’s time to consider what you’re going to pack.

“When traveling to another country, you have to pack your whole life into two bags. So, you’re going to have to think about what you’re going to need and what’s available in the country you’re going to,” said English teacher Rebecca Chapman. In-state traveling is a less daunting task as you are already familiar with the state and know what to expect as well as what you’ll find. However, when traveling to a different country, some people seem to find themselves lost in the cultural differences and find they’ve packed the wrong things for the wrong place. According to USA Today, you should pack an adaptor, comfortable walking shoes, and plan your outfits according to the climate it will be when you arrive.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and people are forced to work around it.

“We thought that we were going to a national park, but ended up changing because we only had a certain amount of time there and wanted to get as much in as we could,” said senior Alexa Benglen. When traveling, one important skill to have is flexibility. Things may not go as planned. The lines may be long and take up valuable time or flights may be delayed. It’s important to be able to make quick decisions and to always have a plan B.

Always make sure to keep an open mind when going to another country as you will see many differences, but also some similarities.

“My advice for people who are traveling for the first time [would be to] keep an open mind. Things will be different and you will experience culture shock,” said Chapman. “I think the most annoying thing that people can do is say ‘It’s not like this in America.’ Nobody wants to hear that. They just want to see you enjoying another culture.”

The world is full of different people, cultures, and customs. Traveling allows you to both see and immerse yourself in both of these and also learn how to appreciate a culture that isn’t your own. Planning is crucial to any trip and becomes of chief importance when traveling abroad. It’s important to not only plan well, but also to keep an open mind and be flexible to ensure that all your moo-la doesn’t go to waste.

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Fall is in the Air

What people are wearing for the season.

By Kendall Napier and Brennan Petersen


Junior Remy Diamond loves to dress for it and do all things fall. Fall is her favorite season, because the festivities are so much fun. Diamond is wearing a burgundy short-sleeved dress, with ankle-cut heels and jewelry. “Burgundy represents the season,” said Diamond. She also thinks that her outfit represents her because she likes to put together cute outfits like this one.


For junior Alix Mellema, fall is her favorite season because it’s not too cold or too hot, and because she loves the different kinds of “fall food,” meaning when Thanksgiving and Halloween comes up, she eats a lot of candy and family made food. Mellema also claims that the reason why she is wearing a flowy shirt, burgundy jeans, and combat boots is because she thinks it’s a fashion statement that describes her personality.

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Lighting Up Legend

Legend hosts its 4th annual bonfire.

By Zach Mellema


On Sept. 14, 2016, in honor of Homecoming week at Legend, Legend hosted its 4th annual bonfire. This extraordinary night was held at Legend’s football field. Before the bonfire started, students and staff members could enjoy, cornhole, powderpuff, highly priced food, the cheer team, marching band and finally the bonfire. “That this infact was not her first time and is her second time going,” said sophomore Madi Armstrong.

Armstrong was in the parade on the football float; she enjoyed hanging out with friends, and “wanted to enjoy the festivities of Homecoming week.” She also enjoyed watching the final game of powderpuff and the bonfire.

“It was different from last year because I had more friends to enjoy it with and I also didn’t know how fun and exciting it would be for Homecoming week,” said Armstrong.

All in all, the bonfire and BBQ was one of the highlights of the Homecoming week at Legend.

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The Trial of the Century

FX’s American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson recounts the trial that shook the nation–and left two innocent families without justice for their victims.

by Tara Higgins

After 21 years, “the trial of the century” remains fresh in people’s minds. The murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994 will never be forgotten, nor will be the man at the center of over two decades of controversy. But who is really to blame?

On Feb. 2, America tuned in to the premiere of FX’s original miniseries American Crime Story, based on Jeffrey Toobin’s book The Run of His Life: The People vs. OJ Simpson. The show presents the murder trial that promised–but failed–to bring Nicole and Ron’s killer to justice. It depicts everything from behind-the-scenes preparation for the trial to glimpses into the lives of those most intimately involved to jury selection and, of course, all the courtroom tension and drama itself–and all brought to light with the help of several skilled actors and a few remarkable lookalikes.

Sarah Paulson portrays lead prosecutor and Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark, with all her fiery presence and hairstyles that varied by day. Her performance is a revelation into the mind behind the case, but it also showcases her personal struggles throughout the trial, and her own battles following her second divorce. However, while Clark was successful in winning custody of her two children, she was certainly unsuccessful in her relentless pursuit for the truth.

But where Clark could be credited for bringing more-than-just-controversial LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman (Steven Pasquale) to the stand, co-prosecutor Christopher Darden, played by Sterling K. Brown, could be just as much to blame for infamously requesting that Simpson try on the bloody gloves recovered from his home in Rockingham. Aside from the seriousness of the trial, the series also taps into the question of romance between the two prosecutors, complete with scenes featuring late-night sessions in the office.

But back to the business at hand, ACS is far more than just a recap or play-by-play of the day-to-day events as they unfolded under the watchful eye of presiding judge Lance A. Ito (as interpreted by actor Kenneth Choi, who could also serve as Ito’s 21st century double). And speaking of doubles, Joseph Siravo, who plays Ron’s father Fred Goldman, is perhaps most deserving of the award for the series’ best doppelganger, although off-screen he actually looks nothing like him.

And of course, the trial would have been nothing without its “dream team defense,” originally as led by Robert Shapiro (John Travolta), who was ousted by the eventual lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran (Courtney B. Vance) and also featuring  F. Lee Bailey (Nathan Lane), Alan Dershowitz (Evan Handler), Robert Kardashian (David Schwimmer), Shawn Holley (Angel Parker), and Carl E. Douglas (Dale Godboldo). They may have outnumbered the prosecution, but they were hardly drowning under concrete evidence. Conflicts between Cochran and Shapiro (who as we can see was more than reluctant to hire him) reach boiling point at several times throughout the series. Kardashian’s inner struggle with his friend Simpson’s innocence-turned-guilt shines through Schwimmer’s brilliant portrayal. But of course, if anyone “stole the show” (if such a cliche could even be used appropriately in this cinematic metaphor), it would have to be OJ Simpson himself.

Played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. (one can only wonder how long it took to find an actor to play him), Simpson’s true nature penetrates through the football star. He earned plenty of screen time too, what with the infamous slow Bronco chase (a ridiculous chase really, as if he would really have committed suicide in the back of a car on live national TV; and not only that, but who has ever heard of a slow chase?) and Oscar-worthy performance right in front of the jury when he splendidly tricked 12 seemingly intelligent people into believing that the glove didn’t fit (funny how they also viewed pictures of Simpson wearing them).

On Tuesday night the final episode of the 10-part series aired, featuring closing arguments, the verdict, and the immediate aftermath. After Simpson declined to testify, Clark delivered her final statements, summing up 134 days of the televised trial. She concluded by asking jurors to consider why, when informed of his ex-wife Nicole’s death, Simpson never inquired as to how she died. Darden delivered his own statements, imploring the jurors to hold responsible the only man who deserved to suffer for his crimes.

Cochran ended the defense’s argument with a bang, stating simply that the LAPD was not to be trusted and that more than enough reasonable doubt had been presented. But who knows if they acquitted because it didn’t fit?

After just four hours of deliberations, the jurors returned with their final verdict. Despite an initial 10-2 vote for acquittal, they seemed to have reached a surprisingly speedy consensus. The manila envelope was torn and the papers removed, and OJ Simpson stood facing the jury who would decide his fate.

“We the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant Orenthal James Simpson…not guilty of…” as the rest of the sentence fades and Simpson’s smirk crosses his face not once, but twice. He’s done it. He got off, just like that.

The people are enraged, the country in shock. Even Judge Ito looks as if he doesn’t know exactly what is going on in his courtroom. But as always with not guilty verdicts, Simpson is free to go.

After a few brief scenes featuring Clark and Darden’s press conference and their departure from the office one last time, the series closes on Simpson’s release and return to Rockingham. Only one thing is certain as the camera weaves through his welcome-home party: Robert Kardashian won’t be there to support him. Perhaps Simpson can find solace in the life-size replica towering over his backyard, as he is seen gazing up at it.

10 episodes are hardly enough to bottle the trial of the century for 2016’s television viewers. Still, The People vs. OJ Simpson reminds us all that the case lives on. Before leaving watchers, two final photos featuring Ron and Nicole flash across the TV screen, ensuring that amidst all the drama and the killer that caused it, their memories will never be forgotten.

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Regarding Justice: The Problem with Batman v. Superman

by Jackson Davis

Last week, one of the biggest films in comic book and movie history was released. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film made 166 million $ on the first weekend, then dropped to 69.1 % on the 2nd weekend, only making $51.3 million. Word gets around quick. It has a current score of 29% on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer out of 100. Critics are bashing the movie, calling it “a tiresome, ill-tempered film, and one too lazy even to earn its dismal outlook” (Christopher Orr, The Atlantic), stating that the movie was “underdeveloped, overlong, and stupendously dispiriting.” The fans of the comics are split on the film, calling it a grand spectacle. Others call it a complete failure.

Personally, I found the film to be inconsistent, but there were only three things that I liked in this film. The first positive aspect, Bruce Wayne and Alfred, the way they set up Batman in the first half hour was great. Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons show great chemistry. Personally, I’m more excited for the Batman film than the next Superman movie. Even though in reality, Superman is a great character and can be done very well with the right ideas and writing. It’s just not well done here. The second positive is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. At first when I saw Gal Gadot in the trailers I was a bit cautious because she barely talked, but man does she give a strong performance as Wonder Woman. Third is the warehouse scene. This scene was one of the best directed action scenes. The scene looked like it was taken straight out of a comic with Batman-fighting criminals. The carnage and violence that was Batman in that scene was well shot and showed the brutality of the character.

The scenes are worth the price of admission, but you need to sit through a lot of dragging scenes. Jesse Eisenberg’s new take on Lex Luthor seemed more immature instead of charming and deceitful, like Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville. Lois Lane and Clark Kent are soooo boring to watch. Yes, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams are good actors, it’s just that the script is weak, and that gets to our next problem: David S. Goyer. Like Cavill and Adams, Goyer is respected in his field. It’s just that he’s not close with the source material and director Zack Snyder just wasn’t a man of his word. Batman in the comics and the previous films will do anything, but he doesn’t kill. In this movie, that’s one of the character’s biggest traits. He kills at least 50 people. I wanted to like this movie but it’s just boring, long, and the fight is like 10 minutes. I’m more upset with how much potential the movie had, but it just didn’t deliver. I would give it two stars for good acting and some great action scenes, though it underperforms based on the script and stale acting by some of the actors.

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Top 10 Songs to Listen to Over Spring Break

Going on a road trip or throwing a party? Here’s a list of songs that should be on your spring break playlist.

by Madeleine Kriech

These songs were pulled from various genres and Billboard charts. Pick and choose which ones you want on your playlist.

  1. “Cake by the Ocean” DNCE

This is the perfect pump up song. It starts off with a classic clapping beat then, Boom, right into the catchy lyrics. Eating cake by the ocean may not be your ideal date, but it makes for a good song. This rhythm of claps and guitar strums will start a dance party. Whether you are on the beach, or jamming in your room, this is the perfect song to get hype to.

2.  “New Romantics” Taylor Swift

Before you cringe at the sight of T swift’s name, give this song a chance. Yes, it’s lyrics contain the usual story of some messed up relationship, but hey, supply and demand. The bass and drums make a good song to blast in your car. If you’re a visual person, just imagine yourself driving down the California coast, hair flowing, wind blowing, or put yourself at a rager, jumping up and down to the beat, friends all around you. Whatever your surroundings, Swift’s song will make you ready for an adventure.

3. “Roses” The Chainsmokers

This new song has quickly captured the attention of teens and young adults. “Roses” is somewhat of a pop/edm style that draws you in. The smooth voice of the singer will allow you to close your eyes and take a deep breath, but then, once the beat drops, it’s a dance beat. The song allows you to roll with the fluid beat by either relaxing or rocking.

4. “West End Kids” New Politics

This alternative rock song will get you ready for anything life throws at you. At only 30 seconds into the song, influxes of emphasize beast fill your ears. Even if you haven’t gone on a grand adventure, you will relate to this song’s story. The chorus could be described as “teen angst,” but don’t let that fool you. Before you know it, you’ll be the one “walking slow down a freeway.”

5. “Trap Queen” Fetty Wap

This hip hop/R&B style is only for select few. It is understandable why you might not want this song on your playlist, but don’t be scared to try it. The beat will draw you in only after a few times listening to it. Is it a clean song? No. But it’s okay, you can only hear the words coming out of his mouth every 10 seconds. Just give this OG track a chance.

6. “Mess Around” Cage the Elephant

For the alternative lovers, “Mess Around” will bring you back to the good old days– not a care in the world, running around in the sun’s heat. The girl spoken of in the song will pull at your own heart strings, your own personal experiences; yet, you don’t feel sad, you feel ready to go out and experience life. At the end of each line the singer pulls the knot out, exaggerating the vowels, and eventually sucking you under his spell.

7. “Victorious” Panic! At the Disco

This combination of notes will transport you into your greatest success. Almost immediately after hearing the first notes of the song, you are on top of the world. As with number one, the lyrics are mashed, mangled, and random, but somehow they work. This song will make you shot “fireworks like it’s the fourth of July.”

8. “Cool for the Summer” Demi Lovato

Talk about a powerful song. The new and improved Demi Lovato has transformed her new confidence into song form. With each note, your spirit is filled with self-assurance and certainty. Why wait for someone else? Take control of your own life! The strong vocals add to the rhythm and the spunky beat.

9. “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” (Remix) Mike Posner

After the first time you listen to this song it will be stuck in your head for countless days. The original lyrics are combined with a dance/pop tune that will make your feet move. To fit in with the other songs on this playlist, the lyrics are somewhat out of the ordinary, but they will be etched into your brain in no time.

10. “Anna Sun” Walk The Moon

Talk about a song that makes you want to get up and dance. “Anna Sun” makes you crave heat and life. The upbeat tempo lets you let your hair down and twirl around. This song doesn’t stray far from Walk The Moon’s style but brings you further under their belt. The lyrics and the beat transform your soul from grey to rainbow. After listening, you will feel like you have a new positive outlook on the world.

All these songs may not make your top 10 list, but just try them out. Their beats and random lyrics will make you feel ready for whatever spring break throws at you.

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What to Do Over Spring Break

With 17 days of freedom, what should you do with all that time?
By Tara Higgins and Madeleine Kriech

I’ve always called spring break “the winter break in the middle of the second semester.” Just like winter break, students have 17 days off from school to do whatever they please: take a vacation, sleep till 3 p.m., watch TV and movies until your eyes cease to function, or sit at your computer and stare at all the homework you should–but don’t–do. Beginning on March 18, there are endless possibilities. Here are just a few.

Take a long trip. Far, far away.
Two weeks is plenty of time to travel the country, or world, and try to soak up as much sunshine as possible light years away from the unpredictable blizzards of Colorado. I could think of nothing more appealing than spending all of my time in a foreign world, forgetting everything I would typically face back home. Go to Disney World, fly to Europe, or take a cruise…anything that truly exemplifies the meaning of a spring vacation.

Or, stay at home.
Believe me, traveling the world can’t compare with staying at home, locked up in your room, with nothing to keep you company but yourself and all the things you love and miss while you’re in school. Still, the lure of catching up on the latest shows and movie releases in the comfort of your own living room does have its benefits. If you do choose to stay indoors for the duration of your spring break, you will probably find yourself enjoying all the little parts of freedom from school two weeks could possibly offer.

Try a new recipe.
We all know that your Pinterest is full of recipes you have been wanting to try, so why not try them over the break? Put on your apron and get to cooking. A new season of fruit has arrived and this is the perfect opportunity so use them. Make a new smoothie, or your own fruit popsicle. Make dinner for your family and friends. If you are feeling extra giving, bake some cupcakes for your neighbors. Whether you find a new passion for cooking, or just learn how to use a blender, spring break is the time to try new things, so why can’t cooking be one of them?

Get out in the community and volunteer your time.
I’m sure all you fellow NHS members could use a few community service hours, and spring break is the perfect time to catch up on all you’ve been missing. Whether you need to fulfill some requirement, or you just love helping out as much as you possibly can, find time to give back and dedicate yourself to working with others. Help out at the local animal shelter, rec center, Parker Task Force, or Denver Rescue Mission. There are infinite opportunities this time of year, and if the weather holds up, you could have a lot of fun in the process.

Read a book.
Spring break is the perfect time to curl up on your bed and dive into the latest novel or whatever it is you’ve been craving to read. It’s a great time to really forget your troubles and get caught up in some whirlwind romance or thrilling mystery. And, reading for pleasure rather than school means you don’t have to annotate, making the whole experience overall more enjoyable.

Spring Clean
Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to clean. The cliché of “spring cleaning” may be overused, but the idea is washing out the old and letting in the new never dies. We all know you have those old sweaters in your closet that don’t fit, so give them away. That old bathing suit? Are you really going to wear it again? No. Give away old clothes, books, sports equipment–nothing is spared. Spring is a time for new beginnings, new life. Get rid of the old you, and bring in the new you, a new you ready for warm weather and the last few months of school.

Hang out with friends.
School schedules are always busy, with sports and extracurriculars filling up our planners every day of the week. With time off of school, you can spend the day outside, or (my personal favorite), go shopping at the mall. Prom is less than two months away, so it’s the perfect time to buy your dress cheap before the prices skyrocket, and basically plan out your entire evening with all your friends. You could take a day trip to the mountains or go visit a museum, but there’s nothing like having fun with your besties outside the crowded halls of school.

After cleaning everything out, it might be time to completely start anew. Head over to your local home improvement store and buy some paint and a brush; now clear out that room and start painting. However, if painting is too much an ordeal for you to handle, just rearrange some furniture. Try facing your bed a new way or moving your desk to a new wall. Small changes could make a big difference. If you’re me, and not sure where to start, look up feng shui. This Chinese system of spatial arrangement may be just what you are looking for. Whatever you decide to do, changing up the look of your room will refresh your mind before heading back to school.

Of course, you could just do your homework. Really.
I’ve always envied my friends who take two weeks off without a care in the world and no due dates chasing them into an eternal abyss. But for many of us, AP exams and ACT tests are looming, and spring break is the only real time we have to buckle down and get to work. With two weeks off, there is plenty of time to get things done, but also more time to lose in class: time we could really use to study for those two most intensive weeks May has in store for us. This break always brings up the differences between students who do all their work their first Friday off, getting it all out of the way, to those who spread it out thin over the whole two weeks, to those who lock themselves into their fate at 11:30 p.m. Sunday night–or more like early Monday morning the first day back at school. No matter how you do it, take advantage of the time you do have to cram as much information as you can conjure up from way back in August that you should probably remember sometime soon. Remember, when you get back from break, you’ll have one month until AP testing! 🙁

However you choose to spend your time, spring break is still the longest vacation second semester will ever hold. It comes at a decent time of year too, so you’re bound to have a few really great days to get outside and soak up whatever the day holds. And, there will always be time to just sit at home and relax (and of course, eat as much good food as possible). No matter what you do, the break from school will do wonders for your sanity, whether you’re trying to maintain it or simply regain it.

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Saying Farewell to Downton (2010-2016)

Emotions run high as the beloved series ends its six-year run on PBS.
By Tara Higgins

“With any luck, they’ll be happy enough. Which is the English version of a happy ending.” — The Dowager Countess

The final episode of Season 6 of Downton Abbey marks the end of one of America’s most beloved television series. The show closed with one of its now famous Christmas stories, which aired Dec. 25, 2015 in the United Kingdom before its release in the United States last night.

The show opens with Robert’s (Hugh Bonneville) musing over Edith’s (Laura Carmichael) decision to send Marigold (Eva and Karine Samms) away to boarding school in London, despite the fact that she does not have any relations there in town.

Meanwhile, Mary (Michele Dockery) joins Henry (Matthew Goode), as he reveals to her he has recovered from the guilt of blaming himself as responsible for Charlie Rogers’ death, and that he is ready to move on if he hopes to work for and gain Mary’s love.

The episode covered a lot of ground fairly quickly, moving from Thomas’s (Rob-James Collier) profuse thanks to his rescuers Anna (Joanne Froggatt), Andy (Michael Fox), and Miss Baxter (Raquel Cassidy), to the perusal of a letter written by Larry Grey’s (Charlie Anson) current wife, Miss Amelia (Phoebe Sparrow), to the strange disappearance of Lord Merton (Douglas Reith).

The show featured everything a Downton fan could ask for and more. Of course, it had its disappointments: the rapid progression of Carson’s (Jim Carter) Parkinson’s disease, as well as the debut of Henry and Tom’s car shop, seemed to fly by in seconds, leaving viewers wondering how the producers could have skimmed over the episodes so quickly.

Far more touching, however, were the scene’s true Christmas moments, which would have been far more impactful had we witnessed them in the snowy month of December than in the middle of a warm spring March here in Colorado. If Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ (Phyllis Logan) finally calling each other by their first names and the whole cast singing “Auld Lang Syne” to finish didn’t reach your more emotional side, I can’t think of anything better that would.

Nothing I could say would do justice to this amazing series, which touched our hearts from the very beginning. Perhaps the best way to end such a review would be in the words of the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith) herself.

Isobel: “We’re going forward into the future, not back into the past.”
The Dowager Countess: “If only we had the choice.”

Farewell Downton. We will miss you.