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Freshmen Represent

Legend freshman football team destroys Boulder High School.

By Miranda House

Freshmen are the newcomers to high school. The goal is to try and earn the respect from upperclassmen and to adjust to the new lifestyle of Legend. During a battle on Oct. 1, between our Titans and Boulder High School, they have achieved that respect.

Keeping the streak of a 5-0 winning record, the boys are proud to represent Legend. Freshman Ricky Hilton’s favorite part of playing on the team is “winning and supporting the school.” Whenever your team can score a win, it provides a sense of confidence in your team, and brings respect to your school. The boys made a valiant effort and were rewarded with that win.

According to freshman Cameron Geiser, hitting hard, running the ball, and defense are the team’s strengths, which was evident during the Saturday game.

The team is led by three motivated coaches who have the loyalty and trust from the freshman team, and their loyalty to their leaders and the game was demonstrated in the clearest view. The motivation for this team was “to keep doing what we learn, and to keep doing what we love,” Hilton said. The boys crushed the opposing team, leaving Legend proud of our newcomers, and ready to see their growth in the following years to come.


Where Legends Are Tested


The hard-fought battle between the Wolverines and the Titans.
By Tara Higgins

The Titans lost spectacularly to the Chaparral Wolverines 24-7 last night, breaking Legend’s undefeated streak. The game was a highly anticipated one, and Parker rivalries ran high throughout the night.

“I think this was a display of what happens when one team is able to run the ball and another team isn’t,” head coach Monte Thelen said of the team’s performance. Legend scored its first touchdown at the beginning of second quarter, while Chaparral scored three touchdowns, one halfway through the first quarter. The other two occurred in the fourth quarter.

“We had our fair share of mistakes,” senior cornerback Trey Hagler said. “Overall, I think we [the defense] played well for how long we were on the field, and we turned the ball over a few times.”

Varsity right guard junior Spencer MacDonald agrees. “Marc [Muma] and Zach [Hrovat] have been able to run the ball all year really well. When Chap took that away we turned into a one-dimensional team. That’s what beat us.”

The loss was somewhat offset by the always fun powder throw, which had Legend fans sporting blue and orange chalk stains for the second half of the game. The Titans’ support surely helped to rally our team to its fighting end.

“I think maybe we needed this [loss]. We’re definitely going to improve,” Hagler said. “Chaparral has played better teams than us, so it just makes us hungry to get a lot better.”

Aside from the greater appeal of high school football, last night’s game was accompanied with a greater goal. Both teams turned the night into a fundraiser for Officer Dan Brite, who was critically wounded on Sept. 3 just outside Sierra Middle School. Despite the crushing loss, the town of Parker banded together to support him and his family.


Varsity Football kicks off Homecoming with a win

Titans win 27-7.

By John Pacheco


The Legend Titans played an amazing Homecoming game yesterday, winning the game 27-7 against the Castle View Sabercats. Starting the game strong with a 14 to nothing lead by halftime, they didn’t give the other team a chance.

“The game last night was really good, we played really good as a team . . . We came up big when we needed to,” says junior Cade Fries, defensive end and guard of the Varsity team. “We had some good plays on special teams and some good plays on defense. It won us the game.”

You’d think a Homecoming game would add pressure to the players, right? Wrong.

“I really don’t think it [homecoming] did. I think everyone was just focused on getting the win,” said Fries.

And what is a Homecoming game without its Homecoming proposals? Multiple people asked their dates to Homecoming, including a couple varsity players. Junior Chad Muma and senior Chibunna Ogu asked their dates to homecoming last night, right after the game, happily surprising their dates.

This is looking to be a great season for the Titan football team this year, with their current record being 3-0.


Titans overpower the Mustangs

The epic struggle of the opening football game leads to victory.

By Jason Burke and John Pacheco


Beowulf and Grendel, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Legend and Pondo. These demonstrate good and evil, light and dark. Sept. 2 was no different.

The varsity football game featured the comfort of a nice cushy lead, the stress and worry of a significant downfall, and a triumphant celebration in a moment of victory.

Our Titans achieved a glorious victory against the Mustangs with a final score of 31 – 28. The players received a slight scare when Ponderosa started to make a comeback shortly after halftime, but, being true to the Titan name, they took back control before the Mustangs could overtake the scoreboard.

“We came out and gave them all we had. We made a few mistakes, and they talked a lot. But we stayed quiet and did us,” senior Chubanna Ogu said.  “Next game I want to push through the entire game and never let up until it’s over.”

The team seemed to share a hivemind, always knowing and understanding where each other is, who’s open, and the best spot to put the ball.

“I think I played all right. My team definitely helped me out a ton,” senior Marc Muma said.

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Season starts with a win

JV football takes on Ponderosa.

By Sam BeDan and Brennan Petersen


Legend JV football team beat Ponderosa on Saturday, Sept. 3, with a final score of 26-19. The boys fought hard to win with impressive plays and maneuvers. Though the first half was rough, the boys pulled through during the second half and dominated Ponderosa. Coach EJ Kruse mentioned there are some things his team needs to work on, but he is still very proud of them. What a way to kick off the season!


Freshman football falls short

Legend freshman football team loses 35-21 to Pine Creek

By Caleb Stuart


The Legend Freshman Football Team fell short of victory against the Pine Creek War Eagles. After a game of incomplete passes, interceptions, and fumbles, the Titans were able to hold the War Eagles to winning by only 14 points, or two touchdowns.
On the first drive for Legend, the quarterback threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown. It was his first of two interceptions. A fight broke out over the Legend defense and Pine Creek offense. Following the incident, the Pine Creek quarterback managed to throw a touchdown. The War Eagles went up 21-0 before Legend scored its first touchdown. After scoring a touchdown, the Legend defense was able to intercept the ball and set up Legend for another touchdown. After a fumble and a few passes, the game ended with the final score being 35-21 in the War Eagles favor.



JV Football brings confidence and passion to the season

Players look towards success for the upcoming season.

By Olivia Daniels and Miranda House

Football season is the church bells to everyone’s ears in small town Parker, Colorado. On August 25th, Legend High School’s JV football team stepped onto the field, ready to begin their journey towards playoffs.They scrimmaged that of Pine Creek High School, a local team penalized and now on probation for recruiting. The scrimmage, just like any other game, had both offense and defense that rotated after 12 downs, no matter the result of the previous down. The team had fluid communication, and cheered their teammates on as they scored, tackled, and dominated the field.

The scrimmage was “a huge confidence booster,” says ex-wide receiver and outside/ middle linebacker junior Cameron Thompson. Given the opportunity in front of them, the team has established a new sense of pride, led by the new JV football coach, EJ Kruse, formerly known as the transfer from Elizabeth High School, a rural town 20 miles east of Legend. Coach Monte Thelen was another addition to the football program, taking the stage for the first time alongside his players.

Although the conditioning can be extreme, junior Travis Thompson, twin of Cameron, proudly admits that Kruse and Thelen have been an asset to the team, making them, “so much more prepared,” as players and individuals, for the season, with playoffs in their sight. As wide receiver and outside linebacker, the conditioning and long practices pay off, because it allows both the Thompson twins the chance to follow in their father’s footsteps, the same footsteps that sparked the joy and love for the game of football.

The ultimate goal for any team is to win, and with winning comes the opportunity to make the playoffs. The Legend JV team has found much more than the motivation and dedication towards the game, they have built strong relationships with one another and have become a band of brothers that work towards a common goal. As a team with successful coaching staff, the light of the playoffs shine brighter this season than any of the past teams.

“I want to improve my team, my players, and myself,” stated Cameron Thompson. As individuals, each player wants to develop different skills that ultimately increase their overall bonding abilities and individual contributions to their team. During the scrimmage, both twins focused their skills, and honed in on every opportunity they got, to help impact their team in a positive way.

Passion is a driving factor for the game, and with the dedication that was demonstrated on the field during the scrimmage, it is clear to see that Legend’s JV team is motivated and ready to take a commanding position as to the outcome of the season, making our Titan spirit contagious and our Titan family proud.


Can Coach Thelen help the Titans?

A look at how the change at the head football coach position has been for the Titans.

By Ethan Vlchek

With the departure of the previous varsity head football coach Rob Doyle, the athletics department has reached out to the former Cherokee Trail head coach Monte Thelen.

Hired late in the season, the team was reluctant to trust him and was at first seclusive. Now that the team is approaching the first game of the season, they are ready to support his ideology and work to beat their rivals, the Ponderosa Mustangs.

“This would be my last chance to change another football program in my coaching career,” said Mr. Thelen, when asked what drew him to Legend. “The culture is great. The whole idea of trying to build relationships and the culture of family here is very positive.”

To many others, the change at the head coach position has been a beneficial one. “I feel coach Thelen is a very good coach because he has a lot to offer from his previous coaching experience,” said senior Marcus Mustillo. “When he came in, he had a lot of traditions that he had to keep. He had to keep us together in general and I believe he has brought us even closer than we were before.”

Due to the lack of seniors on the team, the few that are here have talked to Thelen extensively to see where the team will be left after their departure. “Since he was hired late it was kind of slow to get stuff done, but in the summer he grew on us,” said senior Mitch Griswold. “He’s old school, very traditional and gets the job done,” said Griswold.

Thelen’s new position has attracted so many inquirers, the Youtube channel Football America, by Blake Olsen, has come to Legend to get a look at the team before their debut.

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Legend vs Douglas County

By Mason Albrechtson

Last week’s Varsity game– Legend vs. Douglas County– ended poorly for the Titans, with a final score of 64-34 Douglas County. Though the Legend offense speed did its job well and the field kickers made it tough for Douglas County, the season still ended for the Titans.

Junior Peyton Remy (6) was at the top with his pass yardage, totaling out at 368 yards, most of those coming from a 218-yard pass to senior E. Cherrington (10), a pass that was the highlight of the game. Senior Cody Dengal (87) was also an MVP, making some impressive runs and rushes with a total yard coverage of 135.

Legend Varsity will be back next year, and Douglas County will take on Fairview at 11 p.m. on Nov. 8.

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Banner Chasers

IMG_2689By Caleb Friginal

Tonight the Titans will take the field with a chance to secure the first football league championship in school history. Legend will travel down to Castle Rock to take on the 3-5 Castle View Sabercats.

The Titans will be lead by junior quarterback Peyton Remy, who leads the state in touchdown passes with 24 on the season. Remy is also second in the state in passing yards with 1,896.

According to InsiderRecruit Remy has gained interest from many division one schools which include Utah, BYU, Air Force, Boise State, Colorado, Wyoming, and Colorado State.

Senior wide receivers Elijah Cherrington and Cody Dengal are both having huge seasons catching passes. Dengal has racked up 32 receptions for 657 yards and nine touchdowns. Cherrington has caught 30 passes for 578 yards and eight touchdowns. Both are in the top three in receiving in the Pioneer League.

Legend will be up against a team that really likes to run the ball. The Sabercats average 144 yards on the ground per game, and are led by junior running back Erik Taylor, who averages just under 70 yards per contest.

The key for Castle View in this game will be stopping the explosive and exciting offense that the Titans present. Legend averages 36.8 points per game which is ten points higher than the national average.

If the Titans are able to pull out the victory tonight, they will be the new Pioneer League Champions. With a current 6-2 record, Legend is also looking at a top seed in the Colorado 5A State Playoffs.

This has been a breakout season for the Legend football program as before this season the Titan hadn’t posted over a .500 record. It will be a huge step forward if the Titans are able to advance deep into the playoffs.