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Last Game of the Season

It wasn’t what they expected.

By Sam BeDan
The Varsity soccer game on Thursday, Oct. 20 ended with a tied final score of 0-0. Despite the gloomy weather, many fans sat on the sidelines, cheering our Titans out on the field. “[It’s] not the outcome we hoped for, but it was one heck of a game,” junior Keegan Palmore said. The boys didn’t make the playoffs, so the season has come to an end.

Boys Soccer

JV Team’s Tragic Loss

By  Quinn McDowell and Zach Mellema

On Oct. 20, Legend’s JV soccer team played the Heritage Eagles in a tight head-to-head home game, losing 1-0. Heritage’s only goal came with a slight miscommunication with the referee and Legend’s team. Heritage took the ball from Legend, ran with it, and scored. When Heritage scored the goal, the referee never blew the whistle, causing chaos with both teams, parents, students, and fellow teachers. The game then continued with Heritage keeping the goal and Legend losing the game.

“I felt that we were really tough in how we played today,” sophomore Tanner Martin said. “I also feel that we can always make improvements and become stronger together as a team I also thought we became a lot closer in this game then in the past.” Martin felt that he did very well in this game, but he could improve in some areas, such as scoring and passing the ball to other teammates.

“You know what they say, you either win or you lose,” Martin said of their last game of the season. Despite the loss, the JV team finished the year with the respectable record of 6-6-3.


Boys Soccer

Legend C Team Soccer Takes a Loss

Legend loses to Grandview 7-0.

By Quinn McDowell and Zach Mellema

On Sept. 30, Legend’s C team played Grandview in a tight head-to-head home game. losing 7-0.

“I feel that we could have played more defensively. On the other hand, coach said that we have been putting in more effort,” sophomore Aaron Spencer said.

“We need to connect our passes more and communicate better than we have been. I also want to get better at scoring goals because we had missed shots that should have been taken,” said Spencer.

All in all, Legend should have won instead have lost, but the team will come back and crush Regis on Oct. 5th.



Boys Soccer

Legend’s Tragic Soccer Loss

How Legend lost to ThunderRidge.

By Quinn McDowell and Zach Mellema


On Sept. 21, Legend’s C team played ThunderRidge in a head to head home game. Before the game started, students and parents could talk and watch their sons play in a tough game. Legend lost 4-3 against ThunderRidge. “I feel that we lost because we did not commit enough and we didn’t come to the game with a good mentality ,” said sophomore Adam Anderson.

Anderson thought the game would be the same even if he played goalie, which he usually plays. “I was on most of the attacks on the back and keeping the ball on the attacking half,” Anderson said of tonight’s game. All in all, Legend should have won instead have lost, but Legend will come back and crush their next opponents.

Boys Soccer

The Crowd Goes Wild

The Titans beat Castle View 1-0 in a fan-fueled match.

By Caleb Stuart


The Legend Titans beat the Castle View Sabercats 1-0. Our team was led by captains seniors Chace Trevino and Azur Ewari, and junior Sam Gardner. The goal was scored by junior Larry Kruger. The Sabercats did score a goal, but it was called back by the referee because it had gone through a hole in the net.

There were some questionable calls during the game, and the players on the bench were arguing some of the calls in order to protect their teammates. “Soccer is more of a team sport,” coach Jordan Ivey said.

The Legend fans were also part of the team by questioning the calls.  One of the Castle View coaches was given a yellow card for challenging a foul. The Castle View fans were not happy with the call, while the Legend fans were thanking the referee for his great work on the field.

Boys Soccer

Lightning strikes the game

Victory for Legend’s varsity soccer team.

By Kendall Napier

It was a victory for the varsity boys soccer game on Aug. 30, Legend vs. Columbine. Senior Azur Ewari made the first goal for the game, setting a high standard for the boys. After many good passes and teamwork, they ended the first half in the lead 4-0. Unfortunately, there was a lightning delay with only 22 minutes left. It took an hour of waiting, but the refs called the game and the Titans won.


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Kicking It In Different Places


The varsity soccer team lines up for the pledge at the start of the Sept. 26 homecoming game. The lost to Mountain Vista, 1-0.

By Aubree Clark

The boys varsity soccer left for St. Louis for the last games as a team this season. They left on Oct. 2 and came back Oct. 6, playing three games against the top national teams.

“The games didn’t go as well as we hoped, but we got to see what the top national teams look like so that was good for us. It was good for the boys to see that,” head coach Jordan Ivey said.

This trip was different for Ivey as now a head coach. “It was a little different as a head coach than just an assistant. As a head coach you don’t realize how much planning and worrying is put into it. The boys were really good though, we didn’t have any issues,” Ivey said.

Although the games didn’t go as planned, everyone had a lot of fun. “My highlight was the Fifa tournament that was held in my room and also Armando soaking coach Walsh’s shoes in the bathtub,” senior Eric Smith said.

Sophomore Brian Waite also agreed. “I also really enjoyed the Fifa tournament we had on the last night since I was the champion and beat both Coach Ivey and Coach Walsh,” Waite said.

“The whole trip would be my highlight. It was great to watch the team come together. There were no cliques; they just all became brothers. It was a good team bonding experience,” Ivey said.

The varsity team ended the season with a 3-8 league record. The team is losing eight seniors, but they are ready to come back next year with a new team and new opportunities.

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Soccer Season Game Review

By Mikaela Miller

Game #1: Legend vs. Rock Canyon @ Sports Authority Stadium, Sept. 11
Starting off the season, the boys varsity soccer team went head-to-head with Rock Canyon, losing by a score of 0-1. Rock Canyon scored in the first five minutes of the game and “Legend was unable to gain back the upper-hand,” said captain Ben Bishop, senior. Thus the team began its season record at 0-1.

Game #2: Legend vs. Mountain Vista @ Shea Stadium, Sept. 13
Next, the team battled Mountain Vista in another low-scoring game.  Unable to answer Vista’s only goal, the Titans lost 0-1. Despite not scoring, the offense had 10 shots on goal: Bishop with four, junior Kevin Porter, with three, and Keun Chang, sophomore and senior Austin Melendy with one each. “We need to learn to stay relaxed,” said Sean Salansky, senior. Legend continued forward with its record at 0-2.

Game #3: Legend vs. Chatfield @ Sports Authority Stadium, Sept. 15
The team celebrated their first victory of the season against Chatfield. The score ended at 2-0, with goalkeeper Nykola Nyznyk, senior, protecting the goal against three shots, leaving the Chargers’ score at zero. “We are struggling a lot in the attacking third,” said assistant coach Jordan Ivey. “If we come together as a team, we hope to see more success.”  The win moved the Titan’s season record to 1-2.

Game #4: Legend vs. Highlands Ranch @ Sports Authority Stadium, Sept. 18
Continuing their strike, the boys took on Highlands Ranch, winning by a score of 2-1. Though one goal was scored by the Falcons, Chang and senior Robert Vanegas each scored a goal, with assists from Bishop and sophomore Austin Hayes, leading the team to victory. The win evened up the Titans’ season record to 2-2.

Game #5: Legend vs. ThunderRidge @ ThunderRidge, Sept. 20
On a roll, the team faced ThunderRidge two days later, winning with a score of 2-1. Bishop and Chang both found the back of the net. The defense prevailed as Nyznyk saved four goals, keeping Thunder Ridge’s goal count at 1. The Titans continued their winning streak, bringing their record to 3-2.

Game #6: Legend vs. Douglas County @ Douglas County, Sept. 22
Moving forward, the boys vered Douglas County, winning with score of 1-0. The goal was scored by Bishop, while Nyznyk protected the net against six shots, leaving Douglas County’s score at 0. The team increased their record to 4-2.

Game #7: Legend vs. Castle View @ Castle View, Sept. 25
Finally, the team fought Castle View, ending the game with Legend’s first tie of the season, 0-0. Nine Varsity players attempted to score during the hard fought match, but in the end, leaving the score at 0. The Titans’ record halted at 4-2.