The Struggles of Being a Cheerleader

The ups and downs of the season

By Terrez Atencio and Reilly Sullivan


While this season has been full of fun, the varsity cheerleaders also shared their feelings about the struggles they faced throughout the long season.

The season lasts about eight months during the school year, excluding tryouts and the summer camps the team participates in. Tryouts for the following school year are in April and the season starts in August and lasts until March. The cheerleaders will have a one month break until tryouts again in April.

This is freshman Amber Younge’s first season cheering with Legend. She had the opportunity to gain her own perspective on the season.

“Cheer consists of a lot of hard work. One of the biggest struggles is staying focused all the time on the tumbling and stunting. Keeping our endurance up and working together can be a struggle too because everyone isn’t always going to think the same way,” Younge said.

The varsity team leaves for Florida for their National competition on Feb. 9. Over the past few months, the girls have been pushed to the limit to prepare.

“I believe one of the biggest struggles we’ve been having lately is giving one hundred percent all the time. There are points at practices where we aren’t as focused as we should be or we get lazy when we shouldn’t be, but we all work together to fix that,” junior Brooke Cecil said.

Throughout the season, the team has been faced with unfortunate situations as well.

“I was injured last season from cheer. That’s why I believe the biggest struggle in cheer is the injuries. When the girls get injured, the coaches need to switch around all the stunt groups and that is very difficult for everyone to get used to. It is hard to adjust with a new group,” junior Natalie Hartman said.

This season has not been easy, but the girls have been working very hard to be the best they can be and have the best season they can possibly have.

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