The Legendary Theatre Company presents…

What goes into the 2018 Spring Musical

By Caleb Stuart


Auditions for Into the Woods took place before Christmas Break, which means that when the show opens (on March 1), the cast and crew will have spent about two months preparing.

“Usually, the schedule is mixed up for different scenes. So, after school most days, everyone will be in the theater or Mr. Stroman’s choir room,” senior George Bruner said.

Every day after school the cast are preparing for the show.  

“[The rehearsals] will take about two to three or four hours,” Bruner said.

Four hour rehearsals last until about 7 pm. That is four hours that the cast cannot work on homework, which can bring many long nights, especially if they have jobs after rehearsal, but all the hard work and long nights pay off at the end.

“I think the actors that are portraying a lot of the characters are extremely talented,” director Michelle Leisy said.

The musical opens on March 1 and wraps on March 10. It will showcase the talents of the cast and crew who shed blood, sweat, and tears preparing.

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