Skiing vs. Snowboarding

Snowsports at Legend

By  Larissa Geilen, Grace Miller and Hannah Schlote


During the week, Legend students are working hard in the classroom, but when it comes to a weekend in Colorado they are out on the slopes. Out of Legend’s 2,108 students, 85 of them took a survey that showed 45.9% of them ski, 38.8% of them snowboard, and 15.3% do both.

Most of Legend’s students have learned to ski or snowboard in the last five years, having been taught by their families. Skiing and snowboarding are very different in the sense that one is a wider board with both of your feet connected, and one has two separate boards (skis)- one for each foot. The reasons why people ski or snowboard differ from person to person. Sophomore Natascha Schlee started snowboarding when she was in fifth grade after her parents introduced her to it. Schlee prefers to snowboard.

I feel like [with] snowboarding you can get a better groove,” Schlee said. Snowboarding is often a part of the millennial generation, with many people learning the newer sport.

On the other hand, junior Rylie Donahue prefers to ski.

“[Skiing] is more enjoyable,” Donahue said. People believe that skiing is more of a classic snowsport as it’s been around since the 18th century. Many of Legend’s students are a part of the snowsport community and Colorado has great mountains as well as great people on the slopes. Go out and meet a few of them!

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