A Day in the Life of a Cheerleader

An inside look at Cheer’s game days

By Terrez Atencio and Reilly Sullivan


Legend Cheer begins their season with the start of the football season. Football is the most popular sport to cheer for at Legend as all the students come out to support the games.  

To start, the cheer team prepares by getting there one hour early and warming up.

To warm up, they stretch and practice their routines. During the games, they stand below the crowd and lead the students and parents in cheers.

This is freshman Amber Younge’s first year cheering at Legend and she is on the varsity cheer team. Amber’s favorite games to cheer at are the rivalry games (Chaparral and Ponderosa).

“My favorite part about cheering [at] games is seeing how excited the crowd gets when we start their favorite cheers. It is fun to get the students loud and excited for the game,” Younge said.

Junior Brooke Cecil has been cheering for Legend for the past three years.

“My favorite part about game days is being a part of the environment when we are winning. It is fun to see everyone get excited when Legend takes the lead,” Cecil said.

Junior Natalie Hartman enjoys cheering with all her best friends on game days.

“Game days are a great way to be involved in the school. I enjoy leading the student section in cheers and getting everyone up on their feet. My favorite sport to cheer [for] is football because, for the rivalry games, everyone comes out from both schools to watch,” Hartman said.

 As the cheer season goes on, more and more sports begin their seasons. Basketball is the second most popular sport to cheer for as most students attend as well.

Basketball season starts in the winter. For basketball games, the varsity team divides their girls into two smaller teams. This is so that all the girls can have space when cheering in the gym and not as many girls have to go. Half of the varsity girls are on the “blue” team and the other half are on the “white” team.

“Since I am a freshman and this is my first year cheering for Legend I have not cheered a basketball game yet. I am very excited to see the student section get crazy during the games,” Younge said.

Thanks to the cheerleaders, the crowds are enthusiastic and excited for the games.   

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