Music Department

Best classes of the LHS Music Department

By Joe Ciardullo and Kyra Klay

For students interested in anything related to music, Legend has a big selection of classes you can take. From men and women’s choir to guitar and orchestra, the choices are pretty much endless. Guitar, taught by Eli Moore, has always been a very popular class, and many students often encourage others to take it.

“Even if you’re not exactly interested in playing guitar, I would really encourage other kids to take it because it’s a great class and really opens up your mind to a lot of things and it’s good to learn,” senior Stefanos Nikolopoulos said. Learning guitar is usually perceived as a very complicated task to accomplish. Many people think it takes years of practice just to learn the basics.

“Mr. Moore makes it really easy and understandable. He gives us a lot of time to practice and it is a lot of fun,” Nikolopoulos said. Walking through the music hallway, there are many practice rooms for you, or your peers, to work on songs and practice for assignments.

If you are interested in music, it is a good choice to register for Guitar or other music classes here at Legend, while you still have the chance.

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