Parking Solutions

Legend’s admin presents solutions to help solve parking issues

By Zoe Cox, Brittany Gleason, and Connor Rakers


As class sizes grow every year, Legend High School continues to attempt to come up with innovative solutions to please students across the board.

The one major solution was making the park across the street student parking during school hours. During the 2015-2016 school year, students began parking at the park and, as such, were getting ticketed for it by the Town of Parker. This year however, Legend took steps to compromise with the town to allow students to park there, though with a pass, during school hours.

“The town felt it was necessary to use the park for permitted student parking. The town monitors it and maintains it during the day. We have also tried to implement temporary passes to give them a place to park during the day. We allowed kids to buy a pass without their license so they can get a headstart on the waiting list,” assistant principal Mike Ackerman said.

Overall, Legend has taken initiative in creating and utilizing solutions for the overcrowded parking issues and will continue to help students park in the future, such as making more parking and giving temporary passes. These efforts are not going unnoticed by students, and they are taking advantage of them as fast as possible.

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