Is Legend Too Crowded?

Students and administrators speak out against Legend’s growing size

By Zoe Cox, Brittany Gleason, and Conner Rakers

Legend has experienced issues regarding parking and student overcrowding over the past two years. Although the school board has come up with certain solutions, such as making the park across the street school parking during school hours, the problem will only continue to get worse as Legend plans on expanding and growing with the upcoming 2022 class. Students are beginning to notice and speak out against this issue.

“Legend is way too overcrowded,” junior Cody Maupin said. “There’s too many cars, too many people, [and] we don’t have enough parking spots. We need more parking and students need to get on the parking list early if they want a chance to park at school instead of walking from the park or a neighborhood.”

Legend has taken steps in order to solve the parking issue caused by over capacity of students by working with the city and adding an additional small parking lot located at the park across the street from Legend.

“Changes have had to be made each year, as we add more kids to the student body each year. Unfortunately we have had to eliminate parking for some students, mainly underclassmen. However we are improving and will continue to take steps towards improvement,” assistant principal Mike Ackerman said in response to the growing population and issues it has brought for student parking, and continues to work hard towards pleasing students.

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