/2018-2019 Staff

2018-2019 Staff

Henley Holland –

My name is Henley Holland, I am a senior, and I have been on the newspaper staff for three years now. I have been an editor for all three years and I am looking forward to seeing how we as a staff can make The Forum memorable for this school year through new redesigns and diligent work.

Lauren Penington –

Hi! My name is Lauren Penington and I’m a Junior here at Legend. This is my second year on the staff and my first year as an editor! I’m so excited to get a new edge this year. I really want to promote readership and get the students engaged in our paper.

Caleb Stewart –

My name is Caleb. My friends call me Caleb. My family calls me Caleb. My enemies call me Caleb. I am a senior at Legend which I’m graduating soon. I played soccer for 11 years. I am in theater. This is my third year as a part of the Newspaper Staff. When I finish college, I want to go to Hollywood to be a screenwriter and director. I’m a pretty chill person. That’s about it.


Sydney Burskey –

My name is Sydney. I am a freshman at Legend and this is my first year of Newspaper. Something I want to accomplish this year is to write good papers for the school and inform the students of what’s going on.


Zoe Cox –

My name is Zoe and I am a junior at Legend High School. This will be my second year on the newspaper staff, and I could not be more excited. This year, I hope to accomplish many things during the course of this class, such as, becoming a better writer and photographer. I also hope to accomplish learning things that I can take with me into the future and into the real world.


Ronak Dsouza –

My name is Ronak and this my first as a part of the newspaper staff. I am a junior at Legend and I hope to become a better writer and write about issues that students want hear more about in Newspaper. I don’t know for sure what I want to do as a future career, but I’m looking at journalism as an option.


Kyra Klay –

My name is Kyra and I am a junior at Legend High School, this will be my second year on the Newspaper Staff, and I’m super excited to see what this year has in store. There are many things I hope to accomplish, but mainly becoming a better writer and getting better with InDesign. For the class as a whole i’m excited to see how all of the issues come together considering we have a newer class this year.


Anna Marek –

My name is Anna. I am a freshman here at Legend High School. Out of school I ride horses and hang out with my friends and family. I love taking pictures, of things I find interesting and love doing just about any sport. I am planning on playing soccer for the girls soccer team at Legend in the spring. I have two older brothers one who attends Legend as a senior and the other who lives in Ft. Collins for school. I am a person who is not good at sitting still for a long time and a generally happy person who strives to make as many people happy as I can and I am honestly pretty good at it. Along with things I am good at, something I am not good at writing but hopefully this class will make me better.


Braden Monahan –

My name is Braden and I am a sophomore at Legend High School. I am 15 years old and i like sports like basketball, baseball, and football. Outside of school, I like to hang out with my friends and family. I also like to ride my bike as exercise. I love listening to music when doing homework as motivation.


Madison Schick –