Drugs in Parker

Students speak out on their views on drug use in Parker

By Caleb Atencio, Brittany Gleason, Hayden Koele                                    


In a class of 29, 11 of them can be found using some type of drug.

“Drugs will ruin your life, you won’t amount to anything, your parents will be disappointed, and it’s not good for your health. That’s why I’ll never use drugs,” sophomore Hayley Young said. Young has never seen another student using drugs in school, but she knows it’s a serious problem in Parker.

“Almost all my friends that go to Legend do some form of drugs,” sophomore  Ben* said. Ben* and his friends get together on the weekends and Juul. “I smoke weed because it relaxes me, helps me concentrate, and makes me feel good,” sophomore Chad* said.

“A lot of kids in Parker Juul or vape. The funny thing is, they are mostly doing it in school,” Officer Britton said. At least one person a day is in trouble for drug use in school. “We get about one report a week about a kid having a Juul on them in class,” Britton says. Kids can be seen vaping on and off campus.

A study by the Center of disease control and prevention shows at least 3.7 percent of people in the US vape or use Juuls. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, and are in vapes and Juuls alike. If you vape or Juul, you can become addicted to nicotine and exposure to this kind of addiction can lead to use and abuse of other drugs.


* anonymous name

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