The Process Of Coming To America

Behind the scenes of transferring to Legend

By Logan Burgos, Trey Conquest, and Reilly Sullivan


Exchange students come from all over the world, including places like Spain, Germany, and China. These exchange students go through a lot to get to America and the Titan family is happy to welcome them into their ranks.

Before the Exchange Students arrive there are many teachers and administrators here working to make sure they have a home here at Legend. Their trip begins with a 10-15 hour flight to Colorado.  The process of the students transferring from their home school to Legend happens through a Foreign Exchange Organization. This is a two-way exchange program.  The organization matches the students with their host families. Depending on the host family’s request there can be more than one student per home. Once a exchange student is matched with a host family, the organization contacts Legend administrator Mari Farley. Her job is to let the organization know if there is room at Legend for an exchange student. Some schools in the district have a limited amount of students they can bring in and some schools cannot accept any at all. If their is no room, they will try and find a different school in the district to take them. Once Farley gives the okay, it is sent to the district. The district then sends the host family match information to one of our staff members at Legend High School, Leslie Leighner. The match information is letting the school know the student has matched with a family and the details that go with that.

“I am told by the district that they have accepted an exchange student into Legend, and they have granted guardianship to the host family,” Leighner said. “I then send the paperwork and have the host family fill it out. There is a lot of paperwork involved in this process.”

The district requires certain things like their visa, birth certificate, shot records, and their ability to speak English for an exchange student to reside in the United States. Finally, once Leighner has all the paperwork and permission she needs, she sends everything off to the advisers who then create the schedule. Once they get their schedule they are ready to become a Legend Titan.

Having the exchange students here at Legend is a very special opportunity not just for the students arriving from different countries, but for the students already here at Legend. It is an opportunity to learn about new, different cultures we may have never heard or learned about otherwise. We can hear about people’s lives that are contrasting of our own, and, for that, Legend is thankful for all of the people who work to make this opportunity available.


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