The Next Step — Drug Classes in Parker

A deeper look into the punishments for MIPs.

By Caleb Atencio, Brittany Gleason, and Hayden Koele

In 2015, 4.7 million high school students were in possession of nicotine. At Legend, if you’re caught with nicotine, you could get an MIP (minor in possession). After that, you take a drug class. The first time you’re caught and sent to the class, you’re classified as level one and have to pay $175.00. The second time you’re caught, it’s level two and $275.00.

In the MIP or MIC (minor in possession or consumption) classes, there are 11 chapters where you learn about the risks of drugs and alcohol. The classes can be eight to 32 hours long. Once you go through all the hours you are given a multiple choice test, and you can take the test as many times as you want until you pass. Once you pass, your time in the classes are over.


At the end of the classes, you get a certificate to prove you took and passed the class. There are five overall classes that you can take: Alcohol Awareness, Drug Education, DUI or DWI (driving while impaired) MIP or MIC, and Alcohol and Drug Awareness. According to, “Our courses are educational programs for those that are required to take a course for a court or legal requirement, probation, employment, DUI, or health reasons, or simply to gain more skills in better understanding the drug/alcohol use, abuse, dependency and recovery.”

“I like the community part of it because you are with a group of kids who are in the same boat as you. The only part I dislike is how they view you because of your past mistakes,” sophmore Tommy Catto said.

This class is online and there are other classes in Parker that you can take, such as ATOPS (addiction treatment outpatient services), Running Creek Counseling, Valley Hope of Parker, and First Step Counseling.

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