Sleeping vs. Habits

How does sleeping impact your mental abilities?

By Caleb Stuart


According to the national sleep foundation, high schoolers need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep.  However, in a recent survey, 82.6% of students said that, on average, they got less than 8 hours of sleep.  How do the hours of sleep a student gets per night impact the decisions that they make the next day? Let’s find out.

“If I get less [sleep] than normal, I find it easier to fall asleep in classes, and sometimes I just don’t have any motivation or energy to do anything,” one of the responses to the survey said.

A lack of sleep one day can impact the next day as well. The day after little sleep you may find yourself in need of a nap.  Then, you can not sleep that night because you are alert from the extra sleep .

“[Homework] takes up most of my time at home, and I don’t usually get home until 5 pm, so I don’t get to sleep until really late,” junior Salsabila Aboulalazm said.

Homework is one of the biggest reasons that students do not get enough sleep at night.  “I have an insane amount of homework every night (around 4 hours) and it messes with my sleep schedule… I have no time to do things like get a job or spend time with friends/ family,” another one of the survey responses said.


A lack of sleep can increase the number of bad decisions we make.  54.3% of the surveyed students said that they made a decision they regret when they don’t get enough sleep.  A lack of sleep can impair a student’s ability to think and make clear decisions.

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