How nicotine affects adolescents minds and bodies

By Brittany Gleason


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The increase in nicotine use in teens is causing a scary and unpredictable epidemic that could be causing more harm than good in younger generations. The movement has swept across the nation, giving off the idea that it is a safe and less addictive alternative to smoking cigarettes. Although e-cigs were created with the intention to bring adult smokers off of actual cigarettes, they are sucking adolescents into a nicotine trap.


According to, exposure to nicotine in ones younger years puts them at higher risk for addiction and harms brain development. Teens are especially sensitive to the risks of nicotine specifically because their brains are still developing. Hindered brain development because of nicotine use can cause prolonged inability to concentrate, learn, and control impulses.


Not only is exposure to nicotine at a young age detrimental to mental health and addiction, it also plays a toll on the growth and health of the physical body. Nicotine itself is a cancer causing chemical. Along with this, because the e-cig industry is so new, it is not clear what other plethora of carcinogens live within these e-liquids.


Based off of science, it is evident that nicotine is very harmful, especially in young adults. Addiction, cancer, and mental health deterioration are all factors that support why nicotine in teens is such a dangerous epidemic.

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