Is A School Day In America Different From A School Day In China?

The day of an exchange student

By Logan Burgos, Trey Conquest, and Reilly Sullivan



Each and every year Legend gets exchange students from a school in China. This year one of the students, Yibo Yang, is here to stay. Yang is planning on finishing out the year at Legend as a senior and is hoping to continue to study here in America for college.

“The biggest difference between the schooling China compared to the U.S. is that here the students move classrooms. In China the teachers move classrooms and the students stay in one classroom all day,” Yang said.

In high school, the freshman take politics, social sciences, and history. They are required to take 9 different classes, but once they reach sophomore year, they choose an educational path to follow, whether it be science related or political related. Here in America, Yang decided to follow science. He now takes mostly science classes. He is currently taking biology, chemistry, and physics.


In China, student Yang starts his day at 7:15 in the morning. He has three classes in the morning. After the first three classes, the students get a 45 minute break to go outside to the playground. When the students are outside during this time, they practice something like yoga. All the students are in rows and perform it together. Later, once they are done with their outdoor break, they return to two more classes. The students are allowed a two hour lunch break.

“During the lunch break people usually go home and rest, or take the time to work on homework they have to do,” Yang said. “The homework in China is a lot more complex and there is more of it, than here in America.”


Yang chooses to pack a lunch and bring it to school with him everyday. In the morning before school, he cooks up some beef and carrots to bring for lunch. Classes start again at 2:30 pm. The students then go to two more classes until their next break which lasts an hour. This time is used as free time to do anything you want, like leaving the campus, playing sports, or even getting in some exercise, not to mention they can also ask a teacher for help if needed.

After this break, they continue with two more classes until dinner. They eat dinner at the school at 7:30 pm. After dinner, the students are required to return to classrooms and use the remainder of school to study and work on homework. School ends at 9:00 pm. His school and the other schools in his city are the only ones that follow a schedule like this. The bigger cities like Beijing end school at 4:00 pm.

At Legend, Yang takes the following classes: U.S. History,  A.P. Physics, A.P. Calculus, Computer Sciences, Contemporary Literature, Strength and Conditioning, and he has an off period.

“AP Physics is easy for me because I already learned this in the first month of school in China, so coming here I just have to learn it in English,” Yang said.

Yang believes that American schooling is easier, because they don’t have to attend school for a long period of time, and the teachers here make learning more enjoyable by making it more interactive.

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