Why Come to School in America?

Perks of being an exchange student

By Logan Burgos, Trey Conquest, and Reilly Sullivan


The foreign exchange students come to America to experience all the ideas available in such a cultural melting pot. Each exchange student stays in America for different lengths of time. Some arrive at the beginning of the year and leave at the end of the year, and some only stay for a few months. The students stay for different amounts of time for personal reasons, whether it be they are homesick, financial reasons, or otherwise.


A big reason some exchange students come to America is to learn the culture here. They also want to see how the education system works. For example, in China, the teachers are the ones who switch classrooms instead of the students. Some students come here and plan on continuing their education in college in the United States after leaving Legend.

Some classes are restricted to underclassman, or even juniors, at Legend, so when students come here from around the world they are registered as seniors so they are given the opportunity to take every class possible.

Legend also offers a variety of sports and extracurricular activities for the students to partake in. The students are able to get a feel for how Legend runs as a school and the students see all that Legend has to offer.

The exchange students enjoy coming to America because they are shown a variety of different things they don’t have at home. For example, Chinese teacher Matthew Solak works on bringing in Chinese students every year. While they are here, Solak takes them to an NBA game, the Denver Zoo, and the Natural History Museum. These students enjoy getting out and experiencing some of Colorado’s culture.

“I love spending time with the exchange students because I enjoy seeing them learn new things and mess around with the different cultures here,” Solak said.

Each and every person deserves a chance to grow as a student. The exchange students coming to America are looking for a chance to develop their understanding of different subjects.

“The biggest difference between learning in China and learning here is adjusting to the different language,” senior exchange student Yibo Yang said.

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