The Truth About Titans

Analyzing LHS mental health survey results

By Sydney Armstrong, Larissa Geilen, Grace Miller and Caleb Stuart



In Legend High School (LHS) Titan Time, or homeroom, classes, students were asked to respond to a survey sent out by the LT Media team. 177 Titans responded to the survey. The survey included a series of questions regarding student perspectives on mental health. The first question asked students to define mental health. Answers varied, but for the most part, students define mental health as the state of mental well-being in one’s everyday life. The wordle pictured above provides the most used words in students responses. Recurring words included stability, well-being, peace, mind, brain, and healthy. defines mental health as: “Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.”


Another question students were asked to respond to was whether or not they struggle with a mental health issue. Results showed that, of the 177 students who responded, 33.3% struggle with a mental health issue. If that percentage is true for all 2,109 LHS students, then roughly ⅓, or 702 students, deal with a mental health issue. These results are surprising and even concerning for many students.

“It’s sad that the people I go to school with could be struggling and I might not even know about it,” junior Sophia Perez said.

Alternatively, students were also asked if they know someone who struggles with a mental illness. The number of students who answered yes to this question was significantly higher than the number who indicated that they personally struggle with mental illness. 77.4% of students said that they know someone with a mental illness. If this number is applied to all 2,109 Titans, then roughly 1,632 students know someone with a mental illness. That is over half of the student body.



When asked whether or not they knew anyone who has committed suicide, a staggering 40.1% of students answered yes. While the number of students who answered no to this question may be larger, the fact that this number indicates that 845 of 2,109 students have known someone who has committed suicide.



Perhaps the most troubling result of the survey is this: 26% of Titans said that they DO NOT know who they can talk to at Legend High School if they are struggling. That is over 500 Titans who do not know who to go to if they need help. Titans should know that if they need help, there are tons of possible resources available at the school. First and foremost, students should always feel comfortable addressing their advisors, or assistant principals, if they are uncomfortable or feel unsafe. Secondly, the mental health team at Legend is always available to students. Dr. Saiz, the school psychologist, and Katy Nicholls, the school social worker, are ready and willing to talk to any student in need.

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