The DCSD School Board Election


Should students care what happens?

By Caleb Stuart

The answer is yes.  Students should care about the Douglas County School Board election, whether they are 18 or not.  Every election can change the direction that our district is run and every vote can change the outcome of the election.

Recently, our district has been challenged in the Supreme Court and been forced to change the way it runs.  If students disagree with the policies created by the school board there are ways that they can get involved if they are under the age of 18.  For instance, a Ponderosa student organized a protest regarding teacher turnover within the district.

Sometimes it is hard to decide which candidate to choose so students should also take a look at what platform that candidate runs on.  This past school board election saw the Douglas County Parents platform pitted against the Elevate Douglas County platform with four candidates on each side.  As in other types of politics it is okay to vote for all candidates on one platform.

Voting for one platform over another is better than nothing.  Students need to vote so that the school board reflects the interests of students. vote

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