Painting Pride

A quick overview of the unique art displayed around Legend.

By Henley Holland

A huge part of creating a culture within any community is to establish the symbols and images that are important to the members that reside there. At Legend High School, these images have been brought to life by the creation of murals by various artists along multiple walls of the high school.

The best part? All of these images were painted by student artists from various communities around Parker. This not only establishes a cultural pride from the respective images, but the story behind them also exhibits a sense of pride unique to knowing that it was a job completed by a member of the community.

After all, feeling a sense of gratification from the art itself is only reinforced by the knowledge that is was created by a high school student, no less. The mural in the main office (the one with the ram front and center) was painted by a student named Alex Mayzes.


“The art around the school is a look into the dreams and pride of the community,” junior Adrian Kim said.

The mural in the main office features the Rocky Mountains, a symbol of pride for any Coloradan. At the foot of the mountains the infamous changing of the aspens spreads out, yet another point of admiration for any resident. Native wildlife, such as a ram and some deer are also featured in the mural. This mural was a collaboration with former Legend student Anica Radivitch.

Another great point of art would be the Titan head painted along the athletic hallway. Painted using white and royal blue (our school colors), along with accents of orange to highlight the lightning outline, the school mascot empowers athletes and students alike throughout the school. Using such a powerful symbol such as lightning enforces an image of power.

Be sure to be on the lookout for new art (such as murals) in the library as well. Overall, the art within Legend is intended to inspire not only those who work or attend school here, but demonstrate our values as a community as well.

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