Computer Sciences with Stasiak

Derek Stasiak Speaks out About His Experience with TSA

By Brittany Gleason

Derek Stasiak is entering his fourth year at Legend High School. He teaches computer science and has become involved in Legend’s TSA since joining the Titan family; with new and exciting opportunities arising every year for him and his students.

“TSA is a perfect way to express and join a competitive community for students if band or athletics is not in their area of interest. There’s a lot of upperclassmen encouraging underclassmen to compete, which creates new opportunities for new and younger members,” Stasiak said.


Stasiak has become involved with TSA along side the advisor Debbie Tawzer. With many seasons to follow, Stasiak will continue to work and help out TSA in connection to the course he teaches.

“Mrs. Tawzer is in charge of it all, I specialize in helping the kids that do the computer science competitions and the robotics competitions; really anything with coding or software development because of my experience in the industry,” Stasiak said.

“My involvement in TSA has been the most humbling and rewarding experience, working with some of the most talented kids,” Tawser said.

Having a mentor and role model through the TSA competition process is extremely important for all members. Here at Legend, TSA withholds Derek Stasiak to guide and lead students to success.


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