Fact of Fiction?

The truth about the wage gap between men and women.

By Emily Byrd, Zoe Cox, and Lauren Penington

The infamous wage gap is a common topic of discussion for women, however it is often refuted by their male counterparts.  No matter the constant debate of the reality of this issue, its existence can not be denied. It’s time to uncover the truth.

According to American Association of University Women (AAUW), on average women working full time in the U.S. earn 80 percent of what men earn–this can vary, not only from state to state, but also rely on a variety of factors such as age and race. They have also shown that girls working as teens (16-20 years old) are paid only 83 percent of what men earn at that age, a slightly smaller gap, but still an unacceptable one. Moreover, Hispanic, African American, Pacific Islanders such as Native Hawaiian, and Alaskan Natives have a lower median annual earning (MAE) compared to white or Asian women said the AAUW. Why should gender or race influence the amount you get paid for doing a job? It should be solely dependent on the person’s work ethic and ability. Is it fair that a less qualified man should get paid 20 percent more than a very competent woman for doing the same job? Or even when they are both able and talented, what makes one gender more deserving than the other of a higher pay. Why, as a society,  have we turned a blind eye to importance of equal pay?

Although the gap has closed over the decades, from being women being paid 70 cents to the dollar to now being 83 cents to the dollar, women have yet to reach the point of equal pay. Additionally, the Pew Research Center has found that based on the rate of change between 1960 and 2016, women would receive equal pay in 2059.

It is time to finally address this with urgency, and close the gap and for women to be viewed as equals in the workforce nationwide. No longer should race or gender affect the number in your paycheck or define the capability of females. So, show your support for ending this ongoing argument about the significance of the wage gap, if we stand together we can become the solution.

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