Take a trip with EDGE

Exploring innovative career opportunities and community bonding with the EDGE program.

By Sydney Armstrong, Shaylee King, and Grace Miller

Field trips, or field experiences, are a defining element of the EDGE program. EDGE teachers and administrators hope to forge connections between students and their community by submerging them in it. EDGE students have already gone on two field experiences this year and plan to go on more as the year progresses.

Some of the more memorable field trips EDGE students have gone on include…

9th Grade Outdoor Education

Each year, EDGE freshmen go on a trip to Snow Mountain Ranch for 3 days filled with team bonding and learning. The program hopes that this trip allows students to build relationships with their classmates and learn how to work together efficiently.

“We are so proud of our kiddos’ ability to overcome obstacles and solve


 problems using grit, a collaborative spirit, and critical thinking skills,” EDGE secretary Wendy Reedy said. If students can collaborate and use critical thinking skills, their EDGE education will have more meaning going forward.

“[Outdoor Education] wasn’t what I expected, I made friends with people I didn’t expect to be friends with,” freshman Grace O’Connor said of her Outdoor Ed experience.

10th Grade Junior Achievement- Denver: Startup Week September 2017

“Students were challenged to make connections with business professionals in order to take the next steps in their small business venture,” Reedy said of the 2016-17 Junior Achievement field trip.

The Junior Achievement Startup Week in Denver was designed to provide insig


ht for students on entrepreneurship and small business ventures. Since EDGE is centered around innovative learning, technology, and application of learning to the real world, learning how to make connections with business professionals is an important element of their education. This year, the Junior Achievement field trip will focus on the stockmarket and business investments.

“I’m so excited, my team is going to be really fun,” sophomore Makenna Nystedt said about the upcoming Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge field trip that will take place on Thursday, November 2.

10th Grade Ecotech Institute

The Ecotech Institute is a college for careers in renewable energy located in Aurora, CO. Students attending the Ecotech Institute field trip were able to experience hands-on learning and visit a wind and solar energy lab.


“The faculty at Ecotech was excellent,” Reedy said.

“[The Ecotech field trip] was a good experience learning and how renewable energy works,” sophomore Bryson Miller said.


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