A Book A Day Will Keep the Boredom Away

Everything you need to know about Legend’s book club.

By Henley Holland

Did you know Legend High School has its very own book club? In fact, it is run by the students on SLAC and librarian Carrie Denman herself.  They meet monthly to discuss all aspects of the book selected for that specific meeting. For the October  meeting, The Smell of Other People’ Houses was the book selected  for this meeting, which covered a broad range of issues that teens face.


“It was a very intriguing book, it raised a lot of questions about life choices and teenage years,” Denman said.

Abortion, teenage pregnancy, religion, family issues, grief, ignorance, alcoholism, and many other such topics were the heart of the discussion for the meeting. With snacks provided, the early morning session could be a great way to wake up and prepare for the rest of the day as well. Not to mention, the unconventional layout of English teacher Ashlee Tripp’s room is more than conducive to a discussion about a great book with some friends.

Next month’s discussion will be over Carry On a spinoff from the infamous book Fangirl . Be sure to grab your copy and join book lovers and literature enthusiasts alike for the next meeting on November 3rd in Tripp’s room, F110, at 7 a.m. sharp!



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