Well, What Does EDGE Do?

EDGE Curriculum vs. Regular Curriculum at a quick(er) glance.

By Sydney Armstrong and Grace Miller

Every day at Legend High School (LHS), there are a multiplicity of different things going on at once—one of those things is the EDGE program. The EDGE program was created to stand out against the traditional classroom style learning that is so prominent at LHS. But what, exactly, does EDGE do? The question that has been circulating within the LHS student body is finally answered.

EDGE—which stands for explore, discover, grow, and empower—is a Legend High School program centered around creative and innovative learning with application to the real world. EDGE students learn how to create business proposals, they are given the opportunity to do real interviews with business owners and professionals, and they are immersed into the community through field trips. EDGE students get to, in essence, create a schedule that makes their learning meaningful. The program was started with growth in mind, and thus, their unique grading scale—catching up, keeping up, or leading the way—was born.


While students in the EDGE program may not always be doing the same things as other students, the learning is still happening. For instance, sophomore Riley McCown has been focusing on his personal intensive time (a three hour block at the beginning of the day), which is science and math based, that allows him to work with others to design a city that is self sustaining. “The intensive I am doing focuses on math and science and applying that to building a self sustaining structure,” McCown said. This is undeniably different than traditional curriculum at Legend, but Riley is still learning about math and science, the only true difference is that he is learning through application projects rather than notes and tests.

EDGE teachers and students recognize that the program is not for everyone, which is what they believe makes it so special. “We want highly motivated kids who are searching for an education beyond the grade,” administrator Dan Simington said, “our focus is on mastery.” The program allows for more face to face interaction between teachers and students because students are not limited to fifty minutes with each teacher, which leads to a deeper connection between the two and allows for more learning to take place.

So, while EDGE is new to LHS and, because of that, may seem foreign and unusual to some people, the truth is that the students in the program are just like every other student. The belief that the students are troubled or slow learners is inaccurate and is in no way an appropriate reflection of the program. The students may learn in a different way, but they learn in a way that suits them. Maybe EDGE isn’t for everyone, but for the EDGE students, it’s just right.


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