Lights, Camera, Action!

Legend theater begins to make plans for the Almost, Maine set. 

By Terrez Atencio, Emily Byrd, and Joe Ciardullo
Auditions are over and technical theater teacher, Ms. Palko, has begun making plans for the set of Almost, Maine; the upcoming fall play. Although it is too early to have started making the set as they have yet to assemble a tech crew, Palko has come up with ideas for the show. “The show takes place at 9 o’clock pm, so every single scene is supposed to give the illusion that every single scene is happening at the same time,” Ms. Palko said. This adds a unique touch to the show because they will be using the whole stage to convey this idea. 

Lighting in a play can be crucial for setting the mood of the show and Almost, Maine intends to use that to create the set. “ We’re going to create a sky full of stars, and the Northern Lights, and the illusion of snow since it does take place in the dead of winter,” Palko said. 

     Props can add character to the set and emphasize the location of the play. “A lot of the combination of outdoors Maine and indoors Maine, so very rustic elements will be used in the show. So, we might have and elk horn chandelier, just everything to give the illusion of a small town in Maine. ” Palko said.    

In depth details have yet to be discussed , but do not worry, tech crew teams are being finalized and set building began Sept. 18. The Almost, Maine company is anxious to get started, and Legend students can’t wait to see their progress, “I think that there will be quite a few people working on the show so that will be exciting,” Michelle Lisey, Legend theater teacher and director of the show said.

Stay tuned Legend, for soon-to-be revealed details on the set of Almost, Maine, showing Nov. 8, 9, and 10. 


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