Explore, Discover, Grow and Empower

All about EDGE expansion
By Sydney Armstrong and Grace Miller
Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, Legend High School welcomed their new EDGE program. EDGE—which stands for explore, discover, grow, and empower— focuses on creative and innovative project and technology based learning. While EDGE is not ideal for every individual, students with less structured learning styles may excel within the program. 
Last year when EDGE first began, only ninth graders were involved as there weren’t enough students interested from each grade level, and only around 100 ninth graders were a part of EDGE. This year there are closer to 200 students in EDGE and that now includes tenth graders as well. As the years go by, each incoming class of LHS freshmen will have the opportunity to join EDGE and returning students will begin to make up the junior and senior EDGE classes. 
Despite the fact that EDGE will continue to grow, there are no plans to convert the entire school to EDGE or project based learning. Considering that EDGE focuses on project based learning, it would be unfair to require everyone to participate when every student has unique educational strengths. “EDGE is not for everyone,” secretary Wendy Reedy explained. “We ask the eighth grade teachers which students would be a good fit for the program,” administrator Dan Simington said. EDGE teachers hope that more and more Legend High School students will continue to get involved so that the program can grow and expand and leave its mark on LHS. 

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