Another One…

The Titans take another a loss to their rivals, the Chaparral Wolverines.

By Caleb Atencio


The Titans football team has lost to the Chaparral more times than the Titans would like to admit. This weekend Legend struggled to gain the advantage against the dominate Wolverines, like previous times before.

With the Wolverines taking an early lead in the game, the Titans very own junior Caden Meis cut that lead with an explosive run down the field for a touchdown. Unfortunately for the Titans, the Wolverines came back with a return touchdown the next play.


As the game approached the fourth quarter, a win for the Wolverines was in sight. The Titans started off with a strong drive, but then lost two of their key players.

Junior Trustin Oliver plays both sides of the field for the Titans and has been a tremendous asset to them and their gameplay. Oliver took a hard hit and will be out for a couple weeks as he recovers from a minor concussion. The junior let friends and family know that he’s doing well via Snapchat.

The other player that went down for the Titans was senior Will Herrmann, defensive back for Legend.

The Titans fought for the advantage all game, and in the end came up short, adding another loss to their record.

The Titans are 2-2 on the season thus far.

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