Parker Free Community Dresses

The perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry for any occasion

By Hayden Koele, Lauren Penington, and Emma Reese

 At this time of year, people are looking for the perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry for homecoming, though they can’t always afford the high prices. If this is you this year, look for the secret closet, the Parker Secret Closet.

17610 Peyton Dr has all of the things you want for homecoming for free. Dresses and shoes line the walls, and there’s a special section for jewelry and purses. When you walk into the house you get a warm welcome from Kiva Frey, the host, and Popcorn, her cat.

“We don’t charge anything. We are all volunteer run and depend on community support with donations and kind gifts,” Frey said. People can donate make-up (New or opened but unused), “We don’t charge anything. We are volunteer and community support dependent for the dresses, shoes, jewelry, purses, perfume, and bras as we operate solely on donations. There are dresses for all sorts of events from prom to homecoming or even a wedding.

There are two are rooms you can try on the dresses and shoes to make sure they’re the perfect size for you. Due to limited space, only four people are allowed in the house at a time, and there’s an hour time limit.


Other benefits are included as well. “We do a drop and go dry cleaning for free along with two ladies that repair the dresses and tailor them for the best fit,” Frey said.

The original Secret Closet was held at Bonnie Bellas. “A friend was running it and she was moving and didn’t have the space anymore, so 

photo (7)

she asked if I could store the dresses for her, and I figured since we were having homecoming anyway I thought I could just let people look through them.”Frey, 



said. This Secret Closet is year round, perfect for any event and you can come any time.

People could donate and volunteer anytime, but if you want to donate, volunteer, or look at dresses, you can contact Frey at 720-939-5084, at the Parker Community Facebook page , or on the Secret Closet website


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