How the Legend Has Changed

Legend High School Then and Now

By Grace Miller


Change is inevitable, and since the opening of Legend High School in 2008, hundreds of things have changed about the school physically as well as about the students and faculty. Considering it would be impossible to name every single miniscule change that has occurred within Legend’s halls, here are a few changes that stand out the most:


Cimarron Middle School moved into their own building-

Perhaps the largest change that has taken place since 2008 was the relocation of the middle school into its own building. Beginning in the 2010-2011 school year, Cimarron became its own institution and there were no longer sixth, seventh, and eighth graders roaming the halls of Legend High School. This change allowed Cimarron and Legend to coexist while also allowing the strengthening of bonds within each individual school.


The Edge program began-

In the 2016-2017 school year, freshmen were offered the opportunity to participate in a new program that incorporated a more creative and innovative approach to learning. In 2008, E-pod was just the pod that seniors used in order to trick freshmen into believing there was a pool at LHS, but today it houses the Edge program and all of the Edge students. This change has opened new doors for various Legend High School students interested in alternative learning and created a place within Legend for students to further express themselves.


Legend adopted orange as a school color-

  • In 2008, when Legend High School opened, blue and white were the school colors. In the 2016-2017 school year, Legend introduced orange as an accent color, claiming that no other school in the state had such a unique color combination. In 2017, the seniors were given orange class shirts. This change is from the previous black and gold shirts was facilitated by Legend High School principal Jason Jacob. The cheerleaders have even modified their cheers to include orange. “Come on yell your colors out- Blue and White! And orange!” has become the new school colors chant, when in the past, orange was not included. While some students don’t like orange being included in the school colors for various personal reasons, whether they dislike the color or dislike the idea of altering something that didn’t need to be altered, many are embracing this change and sporting orange on Titan Gear Fridays.  


By accepting and embracing the changes that have happened around and within Legend High School, Titans have strengthened the bonds between teachers, students, and administrators in an incredible way. Here’s to the new year, and the new changes.

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