New Year, New Classes

How does Legend decide whether or not to keep a class?

By Sydney Armstrong and Caleb Stuart

Do you ever wonder where new classes come from? Well, you probably should because you need certain credits to graduate, so you might want to take a class that you’ll enjoy. There are so many classes offered to students here at Legend. There is everything from a variety of physical education to the performing arts programs. At Legend, “Everything we do is student driven,” Principal Jason Jacob said when asked about ideas for new classes for the school. So, many of the ideas for new classes come from students–teachers give ideas for new classes as well, if they feel passionate about a subject that they want to teach. If there is a class that hasn’t been introduced by any other school in the district, then there is an approval process that the proposition has to undergo. “There is literally a course master, probably about 3,000 [classes are] offered in the district.  If there is a title out there and a class that already works, then we just grab it and call it our own,” Mrs. Mari Farley, Legend’s master scheduler, said.

For the 2017-18 school year, there were 11 new classes that were either sent to district or added, four of which were not brought to this school year as an option for a class due to the lack of interest in it. Those classes include:

  1. AP Physics C; which is a class where you can dive even deeper into the art and science we call physics.
  2. Music Composition/MIDI; which is a class where students could create their own music using GarageBand.
  3. Young Adult Lit; which is a class that basically acts as a book club. Students get together and read the same book and then discuss the theme, characters, and such with each other.
  4. Sports Marketing; which is a class that students can experience and learn about marketing players and teams in the athletic industry. Membership in DECA is mandatory for all Sports Marketing students, along with being an upperclassmen; grades 11 and 12.

These classes didn’t have enough interest in them. District gives each school a budget for each student in attendance for each class.

“We try to have a minimum of 27 students interested in a class,” Mrs. Farley said. There is a certain amount of funding that Legend–along with every other school in the district–receives each year for classes.

However, the other seven classes that were added, which include:  AP World History, AP Microeconomics, Art Experience for SSN students with peer tutors, Calculus A, Social Media Business, BUS 116 Personal Finance, and Military History. All of these classes had enough student interest to be added to the 2017-18 schedule.

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