Introducing Brooke West

From legendary student to legendary teacher

By Grace Miller

When LHS students think about their teachers, they often don’t think about the fact that they were once students, too. Legend English teacher Ms. Brooke West’s time as a student is especially unique because she was a member of Legend High School’s very first graduating class. The transition from student to teacher, “offers a different perspective,” because, “as a student you don’t see the thinking behind why administrators and teachers do the things they do, but as a teacher, you do,” West said. West went from playing soccer and speaking at Legend’s first ever assemblies to inspiring others to become involved in Legend themselves.

Ms. Brooke West pictured with Mr. Jason Ritter when she received the Female Athlete of the Year award.

Of all the high schools in Colorado, Brooke West chose to become an educator at Legend. Why? Because West wanted to give back to the place that gave her so much. “Legend taught me to be a good person,” West said. Former LHS staff member, Jason Ritter, inspired Ms. West to return to Legend. In 2008, West was awarded the female activity
student of the year award by Ritter himself– their bond only got stronger from then on. “Mr. Ritter is a huge part of why I decided to come back to Legend,” West said. She believes that Ritter’s spirit still flows through the halls of Legend every day.

Since her graduation, Legend High School has changed a great deal. “The student body is so much bigger now,” 

West 2
Miss Brooke West’s first locker tag.

West said. When Brooke West was a student at Legend, there were less than five hundred students— today there are around 2100. However, West says that the family aspect of Legend has not changed. Being a part of Legend means, “being whole and undivided,” West said. Like the cheer says, West believes, “we are Titans, we are family, we are one.”

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