Pros and Cons of having a job in High School

Seeing both sides of what a job has to offer

By Nya Medina and Bria Pyfer

There are many pros and cons that come with having a job in high school. Do the cons outweigh the pros? Something that all kids think about when applying for a job while still in high school is whether or not they can balance all of their school work and their hours at work along with the other tasks they are presented with each day. While we already have enough to school things on our plate do we really need to add another one on? Some kids already have trouble managing all of the things going on in their lives so they may think why do you need to work now while you’re still in school. Another aspect to look at is the fact that  we already go to bed late enough with our homework and extracurricular activities that we participate in, but with a job you get an even later start on that and you may not get the rest you need. . Having a job can cause stress on you or trying to manage all the busy things that are going on in our lives as a high schooler could cause our grades to start dropping  and us to lose focus. High schoolers may think that having a job is not worth all the obstacles of working while still in high school. “When you have a job you have less time to work on school and it’s harder to keep up with your grades” sophomore Tanner Gregory said.

There are numerous benefits and lessons that a teenager can learn from getting their first job in high school. One of these pros is that the teen will learn the value of the dollar. When parents just hand over money to their children without them having to work for it, they don’t realize how much money is worth. If something is unlimited, it loses all of it’s value. “I think having a job in high school is a good thing because it gives kids a chance to make money and learn how the world works, instead of mooching off their parents and not knowing what it’s like in the real world. sophomore Jacob Mcmahon said.

When a teen is forced to work for their own money, they come to understand the importance of saving money and sticking to a budget. The money that they make from their job will give them a head start when going to college, that can save thousands of dollars of debt in the future.

Teens with a job will also start to build a resume early on in life, which can help them later to get a better job with an increased salary. A teen with a job also learns the lifelong skill of time management. Between school, homework, work, family, extracurriculars, etc., it is extremely difficult to find enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks that we are given. By adding at least 2 hours a night of work to the agenda, the teenager must balance their time and use it wisely if they would like to get any sleep at night, or have time to eat dinner.

Having a job also teaches the teen to be responsible, because any mistakes that they make will be put on them, and they will have to take responsibility to make it right. It is up to them to get to work on time with a positive attitude, and act according to the expectations of someone else and not themselves.

From having a job, a person can learn the importance of being respectful as well as earning respect back from others. While in the workplace, others are not always kind and respectful, but it is up to the worker to act in a calm and respectful manner while still expecting the same respect that they are giving out. It teaches them to stand up for themselves, and puts them on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to respect. “One time I was disrespected by one of my coworkers, and I decided to set them straight and stand up for myself instead of sitting back and letting them treat me with disrespect.” junior Sydney Sladovnik said. Teenagers normally go their entire lives without truly feeling what it is like to be disrespected, so they go about disrespecting parents and teachers and not realizing the effect of it. A teen may not realize the impact of disrespect until they experience it first hand, and once they realize that it does not feel good when people act this way towards them, it will influence them to not act the same way to other people. The most important lesson that a teen can learn from having a job in high school is how to be a hard worker. This is a skill that will be critical when trying to make a living for themselves, because if a person is not a hard worker who sets goals for themselves and does whatever they can to achieve them, nothing will ever get done.

Having a job in high school is the best decision for a teen to make, because not only will they have money saved for themselves in the future, but it will teach them lifelong skills that will benefit them immensely when they go to live on their own that are not taught in the classroom or able to be experienced in any other setting.

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