Underclassmen Awards Ceremony

Underclassmen are recognized for their various academic achievements.

By Caleb Stuart

    On May 11, 2017 the Underclassmen Awards Ceremony took place.  This ceremony recognizes freshman, sophomores, and juniors for their various accomplishments in different educational departments.  The award categories were Achievement, Art, AVID, Band, Choir, EDGE, English, Guitar, Math, Orchestra, Physical Education, Practical Arts, Science, Social Studies, Theatre, World Language, Activity, Athlete, Navy Titan, White Titan, and Royal Titan.

    However, underclassmen awards are not just given to any students.  How does one actually earn an Underclassmen Award?  “[Students] that teachers recognize basically go out of their way to do outstanding work,” sophomore Bryan Dickson said.  Dickson won the sophomore World Language Award.

    There are certain things that teachers look at when they select the student to win the award including grades and number of classes taken, but it is not always so cut and dry.  “We have conversations as all the teachers that taught the student [selected],” said science teacher Debra Compton.  An Underclassman Award is a big deal.  The teachers need to make sure that they are giving it to the right student.

It takes hard work and drive to earn an Underclassmen Award.  On May 11, 52 awards were handed out to the top underclassmen at Legend.  Ashlynn Perry won the Navy Titan (freshman) award, Landry Johnston won the White Titan (sophomore) award, and Andrew Ausmus won the Royal Titan (junior) award.

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