Food to Fuel our Education

What do you eat for lunch on a school day?

By Olivia Daniels

Lunch – the best class of the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering Subway, pizza, burritos, or snack food, you can count on finding something to satisfy your appetite.

    The first option is Subway, and the food is much like the logo – fresh. Just like any other sandwich shop, the food is prepared right in front of you with a beautiful array of sliced meats, cheeses, and freshly grown greens. That is, only if you can make it down the hall and around the corner before lunch ends. The line is as long as the California coast lines and only after the first couple waves of children do you get your turn.

    If you’d rather not wait an eternity in line, another line runs down the wall on the other side of the stair case. Racks to the left of the ropes are stacked four rows back with a variety of chips from Sour Cream and Onion to Jalapeno, and to the left of that, freezers. The freezers are filled to the brim with any frozen treat imaginable. All this before you even reach the previously sliced pieces of heaven topped gingerly in cheese, sausage and pepperoni.

    And if you don’t like pizza, what is wrong with you, but worry nonetheless, because there is the perfect alternative for you. Now that we’ve covered the italian option, we are opened up to many other American and mexican opportunities. Hamburgers, and fries as well as burrito and potato bowls.

“I make a point of getting a burrito bowl every tuesday,” sophomore Ciera Johnson said.

Depending on the day of the week, there is even a waffle bar for those who enjoy breakfast at all times of the day. Finally, you can top it off with cookies. However many imaginable, whether that be 1 or 9, you can buy chocolate chip, double chocolate, sugar, M&M, and many more flavors baked daily to sweet perfection.

    These are all options for lunch provided by school, but unfortunately the vending machines lining the back wall eat up the dough in our wallets while we eat the junk falling, and occasionally getting stuck, in the rows of packaged food.

    Now all these options have the same thing in common, and although the tastes vary in a wide range of satisfaction, they all bring into the question of concern for our children’s health. This concern brings to light yet another option for school lunch, the salad bar. If you have the self discipline to choke down a healthy salad, the option is there for you.

Personally, I’d rather pack my own lunch. After all there are no long lines to my refrigerator door, and it’s pretty cheap. Even though that is what I personally would rather do, sophomore Harmony Chang likes to take advantage  of the open campus and goes off for lunch.

“Sometimes my brother takes me, and sometimes I go with friends, it just depends,” Chang said.

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