Accusations Fuel yet Another Conflict

The United States government accused Syria of using a crematorium to hide evidence.

By Olivia Daniels


A new conflict sparks between the United States and Syria when the acting assistant secretary of state for the Middle East says the Syrian government is using a crematorium to dispose of prisoners at Sednaya Prison.

Thousands of executed detainees have been dumped in mass graves in recent years, said acting assistant secretary of state Stuart Jones. “What we’re assessing is that if you have that level of production of mass murder, then ­using the crematorium would . . . allow the regime to manage that number of corpses . . . without evidence,” Jones said.

In a briefing with reporters, the concept of the crematorium used as an effort to to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in the the Sednaya prison.

The accusation of the Syrian government’s movement was justified by newly declassified photographs of satellite images of the prison and possible parallels to the Natzis.

Veloso’s comment regarding Trump’s involvement is very important to address, because on Monday May 15th, Trump went as far as to accuse the government of systematically cremating the corpses of executed inmates to destroy any evidence that could aid in a prosecution of war crimes.

“At this point, we are talking about this evidence and bringing it forward to the international community, which we hope will put pressure on the regime to change its behavior,” the acting assistant director of state for Near Eastern affairs Stuart E. Jones said.

US History teacher, Ryan McCormick, was interviewed regarding his opinion on the influence this accusation will have on the near future, and the history that will soon be created.

The beauty of history, is that one won’t know what will happen, until it happens, and “I honestly don’t know where it’s headed,” McCormick said.“

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