“DAMN” by Kendrick Lamar Review

By Caleb Atencio


From  the beginning of Kendrick Lamar’s career, his greatest skill has been story telling, rather if it’s through a single song or an entire album. In Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album, “DAMN,” he tells a story of how two unlikely people meet. One being from Compton and the other being from Chicago. When their paths cross, the one from Compton made a song that later gets put on the Chicago’s man’s record label.

Lamar does sway from this idea in the album when it come to the song, “Fear.” In the song Lamar recites things his mom said to him as a kid, such as, “I’ll beat your ass , keep talking / I’ll beat your ass, who bought you that? You stole it?” These threats came from his mom because as an adolescent living in Compton most teens are forced to join gangs, begin to hustle, and steal. This is why Lamar’s mother made these threats and assumptions and Lamar does an amazing job at explaining that in his rap.

Unlike most main street rappers, his album also included a couple of skits. In the song/skit, “BLOOD,” Lamar is walking and he sees a blind woman in distress looking for something and when he tries to help the woman he ends up getting shot and he dies. This seem like a very sad story, but it has a deeper meaning. Lamar is creating a metaphor within the song. Him getting shot was a metaphor for the consequences that in the end lead to Damnation. Damnation is a term that means torment in the afterlife because of the things you did as living.

Lamar’s album is a lyrical masterpiece and sends a strong message to it listeners, It has now debut on billboard top 100 about 11 times since it release. The album is a ‘most listen’, ‘cause, it’s a “DAMN,” good album.

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