Titans vs. Rockies

Contrasting high school and professional baseball

By Sam Johnson and Quinn McDowell18275025_10154358708046121_868041308688063079_n

                                                                                                           Photos by Elizabeth Townsend

Legend High School’s 2017 season varsity baseball team is on fire so far this season, but their level of play is far different than their major league counterparts. Legend’s record so far this season is 13-5, while the Colorado Rockies’ record is 17-9. Keeping in mind that the number of games played is different, Legend’s winning percentage (games won÷total games played) is 72%, while the Rockies is 65%, which is very similar.

Despite the age difference between players, both groups play on fields that are similar in size. Both high school and MLB fields have basepaths that are 90 feet in length, and pitchers pitch from a distance of 60.5 feet from home plate. One major difference is the length from home plate to the outfield perimeter fence. The distance from home plate to the right and left field corners is 335 feet at Legend, and at Coors Field it is about 350 feet. The distance from home plate to the wall in center field is 380 feet, whereas at Coors Field it is 415 feet. These differences play a big role in the game.

As far as the team goes, the Rockies have recruited and obtained numerous new players for the 2017 season.

“I think they’ve been doing pretty good. They’re a young team so they’re still working out some stuff,” sophomore varsity player Jake Greiving said.

“We have a lot of talented young players that have been doing their job. You have your veterans and your rookies, and if they’re always doing their job, you’ll have a successful team,” Greiving said when asked how Legend baseball relates to Rockies baseball.

“It’s pretty different just because we are a lot younger, but the game and how you play it is the same. You still have to do all of the little things right in order to win, and most of the time they’re going to be low scoring games just because of the pitching,” senior Kyle Cardona said.

Most pitchers in the MLB throw a baseball in the 90 mph range, whereas for high schoolers, it is less. However this high velocity pitching gives the defense the advantage, making it much more challenging for hitters. The Rockies have scored 119 runs so far this season, whereas Legend has scored 116.

The Legend baseball season is almost over, and these standards will continue to apply for the remainder of it. Despite the differences, watching Titans baseball is still a great thing to do to get outside, so be sure to come out and support your fellow Titans for the rest of the season.


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