Uhh AP Testing…

What’s the outcome of an AP class and testing for students?

By Caleb Atencio

It’s the end of the year and all the advanced kids are in a consistent study session for your AP exams, regardless if it Science, English, Math, etc. So buckle up and get ready ‘cause in the next two weeks your hand will be cramping, your brain will be sick of thinking and your parents will be on your case almost constantly. So the question that come to mind would be Does AP testing effect higher level students in a negative way? The short answer? There is not short answer. But the long answers is when you dive deeper into the minds of the students and see what they’re going through. AP testing at Legend is at an all time high because now more than ever the race to be the best is intense and the only thing that matters at this point is one, two, maybe three scores that will determine credit for you emerging college career.

If you’re considered a higher level student with a 3.5 GPA or higher? and you’re in a junior or senior, you are most likely are in or one or more AP classes at Legend High. And as for myself being a student that attends an AP class everyday, when I think of AP classes and testing, I think of stress. We prepare all year and do countless practices in whatever type of class it is, regardless if it’s English, History, Science, etc. It’s all the same because when it’s 2:34 am the night before your exam it doesn’t matter what subject you were studying, what matters is what was going through that high school mind of yours, and that’s all the questions.

These questions are very peculiar. Ones like I wonder what grade i’m gonna get? or Is studying even gonna help? maybe even Why do bad things happen to good people?. These question all stem from the same thing, stress. Every AP kid has it.

It doesn’t just begin with the test though, I’m not gonna blame it all on a single test. It’s the class that holds the stress. Which honestly it should, just take a look at the title, the beginning of every one of the classes, it says AP. And for you people that don’t know what AP stands for, it stands for advanced placement. It’s supposed to challenge you, it’s preparing you for the next step in life such as college or maybe even a hard job.

So yes it’s the end of the year and your exams are stressing you out, but that’s okay. If you didn’t expect to have stress in an AP class then you shouldn’t’ve signed up for one in the first place. If you wanted a class with little to no stress maybe you should have signed up for regular Bio, Gov and English. The effect AP can be either negative or positive but it only reflects the student’s previous choices.

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