The Roasted President

Donald Trump won’t survive this burn.

By Maria Beaini

Donald Trump has been called many things: a great president, a bigot, orange and a lot of other adjectives I’m not allowed to say. These comments have been passed around everywhere, including the hallways of Legend High School. But have you ever attended a White House Correspondents’ Dinner and completely roasted the President of the United States in front of everyone? Of course you haven’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Comedian Hasan Minhaj gave a speech on April 29 at a “Trump-less” White House Correspondents’ Dinner, giving real insight on his perception of our president.  

Ever heard of starting out with a bang? Well Minhaj did just that. His opening statement was, “My name is Hasan Minhaj, or as I’ll be known in a few weeks, number 830207.” Minhaj gave a 25-minute speech blatantly insulting Donald Trump. Towards the beginning of his speech Minhaj also said, “I would say it’s an honor to be hereHasan_macro_1920x1080 but that would be an alternative fact; it is not – no one wanted to do this. So, of course, it lands in the hands of an immigrant.” Minhaj also continued by calling Donald Trump out on attending the dinner. “Let’s address the elephant that’s not in the room … I think right now he’s in Pennsylvania because he can’t take a joke.” Minhaj continued with his speech throughout the whole time without even caring about the disappointed or humored looks in the room. Manhaj also went as far as calling out each individual person that was supposed to be there, but wasn’t. “My favorite Trump joke is how people always make fun of him for not having any experience,” senior Stephani Norden said.

The reason why Trump wasn’t at the dinner was because he was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to celebrate his one hundredth day of presidency.

How does this have to do with the students at Legend? Well in reality, it doesn’t. However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great message. Hasan Minhaj went up and completely insulted the president in front of over a thousand people. Even though some of his jokes had no laughs and a lot of disappointed looks in response, he still went up there and continued to do it for 25 minutes and came out laughing in the end. It shows that even if everyone is against you, it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything. You could go do anything you want; all it takes is a little confidence and integrity.

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