Lockheed Martians?

Take a look at Legend’s newest coding champions!

by Henley Holland and Miranda House

These days in schools, sports tend to be the highlight of their legacy. However, at Legend, our more technologically inclined students have always made their marks in all the right places.

Newest additions to this hall of fame include Darren Reichler, Dane Rieber, and Matthew Clausen.


On April 29th of this year, there was a large event held at Lockheed Martin. Aptly named Code Quest, the entire agenda of this competition is to throw challenges designed by some of the most brilliant minds in engineering and computer programming to promising, young high school students.

Not to mention they are only given two and a half hours to solve more than 15 extremely difficult puzzles. The best part, however, is that every competitor was invited to apply for an internship at the prestigious company.

“Luckily enough, I was one of the winners of that competition [Mr. Stasiak held to determine the team participating from Legend],” team leader and junior Darren Reichler said.

The boys worked hard and it paid off, they took home the title for second place after they barely lost a well fought tie breaker. Now that is an award to display on the fridge!

“Of course I would do that again, and I’ll definitely be looking into that internship,” sophomore Dane Rieber said.

Overall, it can easily be said Legend is proud of their champion Titans. Keep up the great work, boys! We look forward to what you can achieve in the future!

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