“Logan” Makes the Wolverine Human Again

This is a movie review, I think.

By Caleb Stuart

Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the Wolverine is his best in “Logan.”  The newest Wolverine movie is the third in the trilogy. The third movie is often not as good as the first two, but “Logan” falls under the select few movies that manages to pull it off.

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “The Wolverine” are considered to be the worst two films in the X-Men film franchise. “Logan” works because it relies on more than just action and gore.  It has a good story that goes along with good acting.

The movie starts off with a teaser for “Deadpool 2.” Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) watches a man being mugged in an alleyway. He makes fun of Superman by running into a phonebooth to change into his Deadpool costume.  When he gets out, he finds the old man dead and the mugger gone. This is the last we see of Deadpool in the film.

Logan wakes up in the back of a limo. There is a gang vandalizing the car. When Logan gets out of the vehicle, they aim a shotgun at him. After shooting Logan, they go back to vandalizing the car. Logan extends his claws and kills most of the vandalizers in a bloody fashion.

Logan gets back in the car, and he goes back to work. He is limo driver under the alias James Howlett. After driving around and picking up customers, it becomes obvious that his wounds aren’t healing like they used to. Logan is 170 years old, and his body is dying.

At a cemetery, while Logan is on a job, he is approached by a woman named Gabriela. When she asks for Logan’s help, Logan rudely turns her away. After, Logan is approached by Donald Pierce who works for Alkali Transigen.

Receiving a message for a limo ride, Logan goes to a motel. Gabriela and a young girl are waiting for him. He tells them that he will return in the morning for them. In the morning, he finds Gabriela dead, Alkali Transigen after an ailing Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), and the aforementioned girl.

The plot continues on from there, with subplots that do not ever feel forced into the story.  Charles Xavier has seizures that cause catastrophic events, Laura (Dafne Keen) has the same abilities that Logan does, and Logan is revealed to be the genetic father of Laura.

“Logan” is easily the best X-Men film made, if not the greatest superhero movie ever made. It has earned an 8.6 on IMDb, where it is in spot 50 on the top 250 greatest movies made list. Rotten Tomatoes also reviewed “Logan” well with a 92% certified fresh score.

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