The Shining

A conference that changed girls’ lives.

By Sarah Abureesh, Nya Medina, and Bria Pyfer

The Shine Conference is an influential event for female empowerment. It started three years ago with the support of Legend administrator Ms. Staci Batterson. She felt that it was something that would be powerful to all women, and it was a passion she carried out.

Several girls continue to attend the Shine Conference to empower themselves, as well as open opportunities to gain confidence while supporting other women. The Shine Conference has assisted several girls in their teenage years struggling to confide in themselves due to high school’s and society’s impact.

“It’s my first time at the Shine Conference, and I definitely feel more confident in myself, because after listening to what everybody said about how we’re all just in high school, we should focus on ourselves and worry less less about what others think. Only concern yourself with yourself because you need to do what’s best for you,” sophomore Sydney Sladovnik said.  

The conference has several different lectures for women about millennial girls, sex, motherhood, and college. These sessions are offered to the young women as an insight for focus and stability in oneself.

“I felt like it was worthwhile of my time. In each of the different lectures I sat through I was able to take a piece of it and apply it to the way I look at life and know for the future what I should expect,” Sladovnik said.

Not only does the conference carry lectures for self confidence, but also the beliefs that women are able to accomplish anything they set their minds too. Mrs. Cynthia Wagner attended the college panel for women during the conference. “I decided to be a part of it because I think it’s important that young women feel empowered and know they’re capable of accomplishing everything,” Wagner said.

Wagner also expressed her concern for women’s voices to be heard. “I think it’s important that they see similar girls accomplishing great things to remind them that they can do it and to be brave-to step outside of their comfort zone,” she said.

The Shine Conference will continue its program for empowering young girls and women in years to come.

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