Gone in 58 Seconds

Newly-traded center for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Andrew Bogut, was down and out in not even a minute.

By Olivia Daniels

Lebron James didn’t need to be told that his new teammate, Andrew Bogut, had suffered a serious injury in his Cavalier debut.

Bogut was making his first appearance for the Cavs after having been traded by the Dallas Mavericks. Not even a minute into the game against the Miami Heat on Monday, March 6, Bogut was unable to return to the game after suffering an injury.

Bogut’s knee collided with the Heat’s power-forward, Okaro White, and both went down in pain, forcing the Cavs to call a 20-second timeout. Bogut gripped his leg in pain. He was then helped off the court while hopping on one leg. Teammates patted his back, suspecting that the X-rays to come would bring bad news.Screen_Shot_2017-03-07_at_12.36.32_PM.png

“I heard it break as soon as the collision happened. And when I went over to him and he said it, I already knew. I heard it crack,” James said to reporters.

The subsequent X-rays revealed that Bogut had suffered a broken left tibia, and would be out indefinitely. The Cavaliers went on to lose the game to Miami, 106-98.

Student athletes at Legend face the same challenges and experiences during the season. Sophomore Ciera Johnson can remember the pain of being injured just before her club season of volleyball began.

“I was getting ready for my sophomore season, and I wanted to do club to keep myself from getting rusty, but just before our season began, I broke my toe, so I can kinda relate to that basketball player,” Johnson said.

Sophomore Kaitlyn McDaniel can also relate to a season ending injury. “I got mononucleosis during the basketball season, and I had to sit out for a long time which sucked,” McDaniel said.

Missing games out of your high school athletic career due to injuries sucks as much as missing games out of your professional athletic career.


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