Vacations: Stressful or Relaxing

How much unwinding really happens on a vacation?

By Henley Holland

When you take a well-planned vacation with your family or friends, how much relaxing really goes into it? Is there never a moment where you are pressed for time and so busy focusing on the next activity that you forget to enjoy the one you are doing? It is not uncommon, because when you get away you want to get the most bang for your buck. But how much does that really help you to relax?

Take, for example, a trip to Disney World. With four different theme parks and two unique water parks, along with 50 rides, there is no shortage of things to do. Not to mention, there are many unique restaurants, shops, attractions, and even special events to attend as well. So, while you have a schedule pencilled in to the minute, the entire day is spent checking off a checklist just waiting until you can get out of the heat and sleep.DSC_0102.JPG

But there are also those impromptu road trips you can take where there isn’t a schedule or destination, where the journey is the whole goal. But with that, you still have to worry about time, money, and distance. There has to be some sort of plan.

“Vacations are fun, but they definitely can be stressful,” sophomore Emilie Kang said.

So how can you justify a vacation as being a source of taking it easy? There is so much time and money and planning that goes into even a simple trip. And you are never really ready to go back when it finishes up, because you go back to real life groggy and completely thrown off your entire routine.

Not to mention, airports are just the worst. You have to arrive at least two hours before your flight is scheduled, and checking your bag can be such a hassle. Then, there is airport security. You practically have to strip down, and lay out all your belongings, including shoes, into a bin and wait as strangers shift through it. Then you walk through an obnoxious metal detector praying your jewelry or the button on your pants doesn’t set it off. It is actually so stressful. Then you rush to your gate, either very late or very early to your flight. Airplanes aren’t much better. Being cramped in a tight space with strangers and crying children is irritating to say the least. Constantly watching the seatbelt signal and dealing with turbulence is just….rough, to say the least.

Then you have to get a rental car, get the hotel room, and figure out your lives after you land. The whole first day is chaos and it is the same process when you leave. All this for a little time with people? Cramped in small spaces with no one else to talk to except the people you came with? Why is that enjoyable?


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