The Future of America

Democrats look to future elections to regain control of our government.

By Quinn McDowell and Caleb Stuart

The 2016 election did not end well for the Democrats in the election. Not just in terms of Secretary Clinton getting her butt handed to her by Trump and the Republicans, but the Democrats still do not have a majority in either house of Congress. They gained ground in both the House of Representatives and Senate but they are still three votes behind a majority and they are more than one election away from a majority in the House.

So what needs to change?

First of all, the Democrats need to get their feces together. If they keep running moderates like Hillary Clinton, who only want the status quo, they will continue to lose. Congress has an 11% approval rating, according to CBS News, and if the Democrats want to win, they need candidates that want to go into Congress and change things for the better. The real problem the Democrats are running into is 23 democrats are up for re-election, whereas only 9 republicans are up for re-elections. If the Republicans win a net gain of eight seats, they will have a filibuster proof majority.

So what do Republicans have to do to achieve this majority? They have to flow with Trump’s approval ratings. If he has high approval ratings, agree with him, use his coattails to get elected. If he has bad approval ratings, distance yourself from him.

In any case the Republicans have the advantage in this midterm election. They have a more united party with the president on their side. The 2018 midterm election may determine the future of the Senate and the presidency.

So ‘Why does this matter?’, you may ask. Well, by 2018, seniors, juniors, and some sophomores will have the opportunity to vote. So most of you will be able to decide who Colorado elects as the new Representative for our district or vote for the previous. Many other younger people will be able to vote and the House will most likely represent our view more than older view by that point.


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