Stunning, or Blinding?

Dressed to impress and for success, or not?

By Olivia Daniels

The 89th annual Academy Awards, this year hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, is the biggest award show in the world. With the biggest award show comes the biggest stage for the best actors, actresses, directors, and many more movie finatics. The award ceremony took place on February 26, 2017 at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California once again. The biggest red carpet in the world was rolled right to the door of the theater and freshly vacuumed waiting for the best of the best to take their steps. The best of the best dress to impress, and this years Oscars ceremony did not disappoint. We all know who won the awards, now let’s find out who best dressed.

“Hidden Figures” star Taraji P. Henson is known for her phenomenal work as an actress in both movie and television shows. Now she is known for her stunning brilliance on the red carpet. She revealed another layer of herself with her sleek, midnight blue gown. The custom velvet gown by Alberta Ferretti gave off a vampy, glamourous feel that was visually stunning. To add to the plunging neckline of her dress, Henson wore an absolutely dazzling necklace by Nirav Modi as a staple piece. This was paired with a massive ring also designed by Nirav Modi.

Winner of the best actress in a supporting role for her work in Fences, Viola Davis lit up the red carpet with a red hot Armani Prive gown. The pleated detailing matched with the high neckline made a statement matching her success. Davis is now the only black woman to be nominated for three academy awards, and her gown shined as bright as her accomplishments on February 26, 2017.

The academy award winning and nominated “La La Land’s”, Emma Stone glimmered on the red carpet in her Givenchy dress harking back to flappers of the 1920’s. Her dress was romantic, classic, and not like anything else at the Academy Awards. The dress flowed perfectly from embroidery into swaying layers of fringe. The lightly colored dress matched perfectly with the bold lip and her exquisite makeup made this look a look to remember. Her classic red curls contrasted perfectly, and the glittering gold masterpiece was perfectly paired with earrings as well as rings from Tiffany & Co.

The red carpet is very long, and although only three could win best dressed, there were many honorable mentions. Isabelle Huppert, actress and star of foreign film, “Elle, wore an effortless Armani Prive gown that was visually stunning and matched with Repossi jewelry. Karlie Kloss dazzled in a white Stella McCartney dress, Nirav Modi jewellery, and a Roger Vivier clutch. Nicole Kidman perfectly accentuated her 6 foot frame with an Armani Prive dress, and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Although there was plenty of good, there was definately a wide variety of the bad.

Dakota Johnson, star of “50 Shades Darker”, went for a more conservative look and wore a long sleeved butter colored dress, with a bad bow and a brutally high neckline. The tulip style leg slit was not enough to offset the harsh drab of the dress.

Director Ava DuVernay commanded the carpet in a dramatic gray A-Line gown. Unfortunately, the color was far too drab for the red carpet, luckily her purpose was beautiful. She wore this gown as a small sign of solidarity to make a statement against President Donald Trump. This gown was designed by a person from a predominantly muslim country. Unfortunately, the cause behind the dress doesn’t make it any easier to look at.

Felicity Jones fromStar Wars: Rogue One” wore a ballerina dress that wouldn’t have been awful except the color of the washed out color of her dress blended with her pale skin. The Dior dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Niwaka jewelry would have been beautiful at any other time, perhaps on a person who gets some sun.

Blanca Blanco, the “Teen Star Academy” star attended the 89th annual Academy Awards, and in doing so, won herself the worst dressed award. She wore a horrendous urine colored gown with terrible black detailing. Unfortunately, it was the lack of what she was wearing underneath her gown that caught the attention of photographers. Her nude body suit showed as though she was wearing nothing, adding the unpleasant picture of her private parts to headlines.


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