Mockingjay and Mockingbird are not the same thing.

If you would read, you would know.

By John Pacheco


Hey y’all. So, have you noticed just how much people have stopped reading? I mean, seriously, it’s kind of sad. There are so many books in this world, each telling the story of not only the main character, but also a piece of the author as well. And yet, people today are ignoring this for the more simpler things, like watching a movie or playing a gory video game (which I TOTALLY was not doing while typing this). We honestly need to start getting back to the basics and re-teach our minds how to read.

Okay, so look: I get it. Books are too long, and most don’t have any pictures in it. Well, bud, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is this thing called a brain that allows you to make your own moving pictures in your head with the power of ‘imagination.’ But seriously, books can actually help your imagination grow. Think about it: this world has plenty of idiots. What it needs is some people who actually have the knowledge to understand what they are talking about. That’s where you come in. Mr. Jacob Yergert, an English teacher, stated, “Reading is the foundational academic skill, and the better you read, the better you think.” That is why people like Adolf Hitler try to get rid of books. It gives you the knowledge to think for yourself.

Because, let’s face it, the world right now is losing its way to think for itself. Today, people are telling jokes that someone else made through a picture instead of making up their own. They are repeating what they heard someone say on TV without double checking to make sure it was accurate. They are asking people to prom by literally writing the phrase “PROM?” on a giant board. (P.S. for those who only do that, that isn’t creative. It’s cliché).

People don’t realize that books aren’t a burden, but rather a privilege. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury , the main character, Guy Montag, lives in a world where books are banned. In this world, there is no creativity. Do you really want that to happen?

So, for the love of god, read a book. Learn something new. As Legend alumni and author Mason Albrechtson said, “Books are not just ways to tell stories. That’s a really common misconception; people forget the importance of reading and writing. You can share ideas, thoughts, and beliefs through the medium. Art as a whole can do this, but books convey raw ideas. Books have started revolutions, and that’s pretty cool in my opinion.”

Looking for something to read? Try “Dragonrider” by Cornelia Funke. Albrechtson and I both recommend it. It’s an all around great book, especially if you read before you go to bed.

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